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It’s All in the Title: 3 Data-driven Reasons Why You’ll Want to Split Test Your Blog Post Titles

Also known as A/B testing, split testing has become a popular method for determining the effectiveness of your website. With so many factors going into what makes your website a hit or a miss, from color to images to the way content is presented, split testing can be an important part of helping an already popular website gain even more interest. When it comes to your blog posts, here are three reasons you may want to try out this type of testing. It Can Help Identify Your Niche When it comes to the title of a blog post, it's all…
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3 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Marketing Effort

Adding a personal touch to marketing campaigns can make a world of difference to the customers whose attention is being pulled in a million different directions. Personalization has become increasingly important with the new generation of consumers coming into adulthood, but thankfully it's something that doesn't require a full marketing department to achieve. Publically Respond to Customers On Social Media Social media is a strong tool for both businesses and consumers. New customers can look back through a brand's social media presence to see how they handle complaints, while companies can use their accounts to prove they offer strong customer…
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Four Easy Methods to Boost Reader Engagement in and Sharing of Your Company Blog Posts

With the commonality of finding information online, it's nearly a necessity for any business to have their own website and update it on a regular basis. In tandem with this is the popularity and utility of associated blogs, which can work to outline your business and make your company well known. If you're looking to engage an audience with the company blog, here are a few sure-fire methods for success. Carefully Consider Your Writing Style It's important to have a writing style that is both professional and captivating, but you'll want to make sure that your tone is appropriate for…
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