Don’t Miss YOUR Opportunity of a Lifetime!


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“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

— Allen Saunders (often attributed to John Lennon)

How many times have you passed on a “once in a lifetime opportunity”?  If you didn’t jump at that once in a lifetime opportunity, it wasn’t the end of the world, was it?

“Opportunity” is not scarce.  I’ve seen multiples of “one of a kind”; more and better offers than the “the best offer ever”, and grand re-openings after “final going out of business” sales.  There’s a large discount furniture store in my city that goes “out of business” every weekend, screaming, “Don’t miss this opportunity!”  On Monday, they’re back in business.

I have passed on business deals that were the opportunity of a lifetime one day, and a hot sticky mess the next day.  No, wait a second — I didn’t pass on all of those deals!  Fortunately, not all of those deals ended up as a hot sticky mess, either, but I generally see similar opportunities come around again…..

One opportunity, however, is truly once in a lifetime.

This moment, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, won’t come around again.  This moment won’t be back on Monday.  DO NOT MISS THIS once in a lifetime opportunity.

“What we do and what we accomplish in life is only the tip of the iceberg….”

You may be shocked by this video…..  AND I think you’ll really like it.  It’s a true call to action to jump at your once in a lifetime opportunity!

WATCH THIS VERY COOL VIDEO (and then watch it again): [youtube][/youtube]

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By David Doyle

David Doyle is the Director of Community Relations for . He works with our internal community of MySMARTblog members, and in the external community of solopreneurs to medium-sized business owners, both locally and nationally. He holds a master of arts degree in intercultural communication from Arizona State University, where he taught intercultural communication, interpersonal communication and leadership, among other courses. David was the first male in the history of Arizona State University to teach the Gender Communication course. He gets to be a hero every day by showing business owners how they can be fully engaged online with their most important people, yet devote 100% of their available daily time bank to doing the things that provide the greatest return on their investment.