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MySMARTblog Mortgage Lead Generation System

Here’s What You Get:

We set up 2 full ad campaigns in your Facebook Ad Manager to drive traffic and generate leads:


We’ve tested these so extensively that we absolutely guarantee success generating leads with our lead generation systems!

We Set Up Your Facebook Advertising Retargeting Program

We create and install Facebook Custom Audience tracking pixels for website visitor re-targeting.  (This is how you build brand and top of mind awareness with people who have already visited your website.  Grow the audience and then stay in front of them consistently.)

We monitor and optimize all of your ads for 30 days to guarantee agent lead generation and additional website traffic

Access to Our Exclusive Mastermind Video Series

Marketing WebYou get access to our exclusive Mortgage Lead Generation Mastermind Group Video Series to learn cutting edge strategies for lead generation specific to the real estate/mortgage business.

You get to leverage the combined ad spend of our entire Mastermind Group to identify the best performing ads and campaigns which can then be implemented in your local market.  (IE. We have 50 members paying $100/mo in FB ad spend.  Since we are managing and optimizing all ads, we see exactly what performs best among all users.  Then we share those results and apply them for everyone in the group. It’s like having a $5000/mo ad budget for $100/mo)

Personal One-on-One Coaching Session

You get a personal, private coaching session with Mikel Erdman to discuss your personal online marketing goals and develop a strategy to accomplish them!


 Your Total Investment

$597 One-Time

(No Monthly Fees!)


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The Agent Marketing Partner program works best with an active MySMARTblog Content Subscription,
preferably a Professional or Premiere Package.


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