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So What Exactly Is “Good Content”?

Content Happens: Plan for Success By Dave VanHoose (This is a great article from my friend, Dave Van Hoose, on how to provide high quality, compelling content to support your business. Dave is a master at teaching people how to hone their message and develop impactful and super-converting presentations.) Google and YouTube are two of the most visited sites on the web pulling more than one billion searches and three billion views per day. What do they have in common? They both serve up quality content. In fact, search engines exist because of content. The problem is most of us…
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FREE LinkedIn Lead Generation eBook

Are you using LinkedIn to promote your business? LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media networks on the planet.  LinkedIn specializes in connecting business people with each other to form high-value relationships. How can you take advantage of the leads and referrals that are waiting for you in LinkedIn? Start with the basics first. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and gives enough personal and professional information that people feel like they have a good understanding of you and your business. Use LinkedIn to identify and target high quality, influential leaders that can either purchase your products…
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You’re an Idiot! How to Argue Your Point Respectfully…

Every so often you will be on an internet forum, sitting around the dinner table, or at a cocktail party, and someone else will utter an observation or an opinion which will be so completely misguided and wrong that it will make you want to smash your head against the table and weep for the future of humanity. You might be tempted to call them a ridiculous and ill-informed idiot, but wait! If you resort to name calling and personal attacks, you will be perceived as a complete jerk no matter if people are swayed by your counter argument or…
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Clever Ways to Save Money on Hotel Rooms

Do you love to travel but hate paying full price for a hotel room? If you do a lot of traveling, the costs of staying in hotels can really add up after a while. However, there are some ways that you can get the same hotel room for a lot less money. You just have to know a few clever money saving tricks. Ask Friends and Family If your sister, cousin, poker buddy or anyone else you know works in the hotel industry, ask them nicely if they can get you a sweet deal. Most hotel employees will be able…
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Retail Sales Rise For 7th Straight Month; Mortgage Rates Worsen

If consumer spending is a keystone element in the U.S. economic recovery, a full-on rebound is likely underway. Tuesday, the Census Bureau released its national January Retail Sales figures and, for the seventh straight month, the data surpassed expectations. Last month's retail figures climbed 0.3 percent as total sales receipts reached an all-time high. It's good news for the economy which is scratching back after a prolonged recession, but decidedly bad news for people in want of a mortgage across the state of Washington. This includes home buyers and would-be refinancers alike. Because consumer spending accounts for the majority of the U.S.…
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"Your choices shape your life.  You are the artist.  Your life is the canvas.  Intention is your paintbrush." Mary Morrissey COMMENT:  What a wonderful way to describe living the great life.  The two variables are the choices you make and the intentions you hold.  The life of your dreams is sitting before you on the easel, and the paintbrush is waiting to be picked up.  Sure it takes guts, but, “no guts, no glory.”  So, since we all are at the goal setting time of the year, how about deciding to bring out that wonderful artist in you, and let…
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