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Motivational Monday #2 – The AMAZING Power of Human Perfection

The AMAZING Power of Human Perfection Human performance is an amazing thing.  Seeing perfection in another person's performance gives us hope and faith that we can all be better at what we do. Check this out! [youtube width="500" height="375"][/youtube] I often find myself in awe of the people who have worked so hard and dedicated so much of their lives to bring  this level of perfect human performance.  And I get a chance to see it more often than ever because of the vast opportunity for talent to be showcased through a medium like YouTube.  Online video really has changed…
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Motivational Monday #1- Are You Building the Life of Your Dreams?

This is a GREAT message. So many times in life we are tempted to take the easy road.  We wonder if anyone will even notice the difference if we don't really give our all.  Worse yet, we get down on ourselves and feel defeated even before we start. But sometimes people do notice.  Most of all, we know it about ourselves even if no one else does.  If you make a commitment to do something in your life...give it your all! Even if no one else sees it or notices, you will wake up every day knowing that you put…
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VIDEO: How Google Searches The Entire Web In Half A Second + FREE Energy Book

I'm often asked about Search Engine Optimization and how you get your website to show up on the front page of Google. Have you ever asked that question? If so, I found this great video where the Google Master himself, Matt Cutts explains exactly how it all works in just a few minutes. [youtube][/youtube]   It's a pretty amazing amount of work to crawl through and index all of that information, just to serve up the most interesting, relevant and current news on Katy Perry or the latest mud ball thrown in the upcoming election, don't you think? ----------------- One…
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Brian Buffini Coming To Scottsdale, AZ On May 2nd

Here's a great opportunity to see one of the top trainers in the Real Estate, Mortgage and Financial Services industries right here in Scottsdale! I've been a fan of Brian Buffini for almost 20 years now.  I was in his coaching program and it was some of the best money I ever spent to learn the skills that helped me become a top producer in the mortgage industry. I'd highly recommend taking advantage of this free training opportunity to learn from one of the masters of referral marketing! Hilton Scottsdale Resort 6333 N Scottsdale Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85250 9 AM -…
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Holy Cow! Spam Comments Crashed My Website

Is it common for your auto blog post to create a SPAM frenzy? I got this question today from a previous client who thought her SPAM Comment problem came from adding more content on her blog using our service.  Although I guess it could be argued if one didn't have any content at all, then adding content, however it gets there would open opportunities for comment spam to exist.  However, it's pretty clear that spam comments on a WordPress website is a problem that extends across the globe. Just to clarify, this client had her own WordPress website and we…
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Marketing Tips from a Guru’s Guru

I just got my monthly newsletter from Dustin Mathews with The Internet Movement and it had some great tips from their work with Rich Schefren. Rich is known as the "Guru's Guru" as he teaches and coaches the best online marketers how to do their business better, more enjoyably and more profitably.  In fact, Rich has a stable of clients who pull in more than $350 Million per year using his strategies. The lesson's that Dustin pointed out were short and simple, but really help you stay focused on some critical points.  That's why I thought I'd share them with…
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