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How To Become An Expert “Influencer” Using Social Media

Real estate is something that almost everyone has some kind of interest in hearing more about. Homeowners like tips about how to improve their home. Real estate investors seek advice about how to find profitable deals. Real estate is a fun topic to think about and interesting to discuss. Perhaps as a homeowner or as a real estate investor, there is an interest in sharing knowledge with others. If so, here are some tips on how to use social media systems to create a following and hopefully become an expert that is known as an “influencer.” The Basic Techniques To…
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Amazon, Billion Dollar Rockets and Mortgage Leads

Rocket Mortgage and Quicken Loans spent almost a BILLION dollars in marketing and advertising last year! Holy cow! Could that be right? Billion with a B? Yep, that’s exactly right. In fact, that came right out of a Senior Vice President’s mouth as he shared some new tools that Quicken Loans was providing to mortgage brokers at Originator Connect in August this year. I was in the audience at that luncheon because I’d just finished presenting on a marketing panel with a couple other awesome companies that serve the mortgage space… SimpleNexus and BombBomb. And we’d spent the previous hour…
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8 Things Homebuyers Should Avoid During Their Transaction – Free Marketing Infographic!

Here's a free marketing infographic for you to customize and use to educate your home buying clients. If you appreciate free marketing tools like this, please share it to your social media accounts! Want us to customize this infographic for you? Click HERE and we'll do it for 20 Bucks! Click To Download The PDF Version With Text Fields Click To Download The JPG Version To Edit With Right Click, "Save Image As", Save to your computer Edit this infographic like I demonstrated in the video at
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Perfect Business: Are You Earning What You Are Worth Or Settling For Less?

What if you could create your personal perfect business? I mean time flexibility, cash flow that you're comfortable with, doing good in the world and whatever else is important to you. It's possible.  Let me tell you my story... After having a very successful 15 year career in the residential real estate and mortgage industry, I decided to make a switch to the technology world. At first, I thought I'd go into teaching, training and coaching as I'd spent my whole time in the mortgage business studying repeat and referral business and teaching my loan officers those proven strategies. Similarly,…
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3 Important Tips For Real Estate Marketing on Facebook

With 1.5 billion profiles and growing, Facebook remains one of the core platforms for real estate agents who are looking to make a name for themselves and ramp up sales. With a bigger audience, however, comes bigger responsibilities and more competition. Real estate marketing on Facebook is a skill set and an art form. Some agents who use it have not really dug into the potential of the platform - simply showing up is not enough. Here are some tried and true tips for successful real estate marketing on Facebook. Start a Group Facebook is all about localization. One of…
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How To Create A Veterans Home Loan Video Commercial To Get VA Mortgage Leads

Do you use videos in your marketing? I've found they can be really good to get new prospects engaged and drive prospects to my website. Plus the videos can screen for high quality prospects as well as pre-educate them as well. I'm putting together a short, commercial style VA Home Loan marketing video and I thought I'd share the step-by-step process with you as I get it done. Click Here To Be Added To This Free Video Class I'm going to include everything I do like: Coming up with the idea for the video Having the script professionally written for…
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