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Five Things You Can Clean With Simple Baking Soda

  What do you get when you dissolve sodium carbonate into a carbon-dioxide-rich solution? The answer is a simple household product that can be not only used in your favourite cooking recipe but can also be used to clean many different things in your home.  Using baking soda to clean will also save you a lot of money, because it is much less expensive than brand name cleaning products especially when purchased in bulk. It is also non-toxic and so is a lot healthier for your family and your environment.  Here are five things that you can clean with simple…
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Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health is to Learn to Say No

  “I know you have a day off, but can you cover this shift for me?” “Can you help us sew all of the costumes for the school play?” “Why don’t you come out to my party? Everyone will be there!” Sometimes in life we feel ourselves overwhelmed by demands on us from all sides. Our bosses and coworkers expect a lot at work, our friends expect us always to go out and have fun, and our families need us to support them. Eager to please and to avoid disappointing anyone we care about, we push ourselves to the limit…
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How Diverse Streams of Work Can Help You Keep the Money Flowing In

  Here is a different approach to financial security that you might not have thought of:  Imagine a fulltime job is like a large flowing river of income. With this one source, you have all of the financial flow that you could possibly need, and your expenses are covered in comfort. However, what about when something happens and the river ceases to flow? Your industry could experience a drought, or you could lose your job, causing the flow of that river of income to be dammed up forever.  Since you only relied on one source of income, now that it…
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Will it Hurt Your Career to Go Traveling for a While?

Perhaps you dream of renting a tiny cheap apartment in the Marais district of Paris and spending your days strolling along the Seine, sipping coffee in quaint cafes, and reading poetry in the Jardin de Luxembourg?Or maybe you have always wanted to go hiking in Peru, and watch the sunrise over the holy ancient ruins of Macchu Picu?Do you fancy the idea of living for a season in a small beachside town on Australia’s Gold Coast, learning to surf and staying up to watch the stars? Or perhaps you want to trace the genealogy of your ancestors back to a…
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