5 Reasons You Absolutely Should Be Using Email Marketing In Your Business

There were three times more emails sent last year than all of the stars in the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

That’s 838 billion email messages and in this video I’m going to share the five reasons you should use email marketing in your business.

I’m Mikel Erdman, President and CEO of MySMARTblog.com and in this video I’m going to share with you the five reasons you should absolutely be using email marketing in your business.

Email Is Personal, Private And Permission – Based

The first reason I want to share with you is that email is permission-based and this is probably the most important thing.  See, people actually give you permission to send them emails when they opt-in for something of value that you’re providing through your Web site.

And what’s interesting about that is even though we think of email as an online marketing tool and it’s simple to deliver to people, what’s interesting is it’s still a very private and personal way to communicate with people.

If you think about this for a second, how many times have you invited someone over to just take a look at all of the information or the emails that you’ve been getting sent to you and also sending out to other people?

Not very often, right?

We consider that a pretty private way that we communicate and so what’s great is that when you have permission to be able to send information to people through email, it’s actually much more of a one-on-one and personal relationship.

Email Is Super FAST!

The second thing is it’s fast… I mean, it’s lightening fast!

And here’s the thing, when we send out emails through our email marketing system to thousands of people at a time, literally within seconds of pushing the send button I can go out and I can see exactly who’s opening those emails.

I can see which links they’re clicking.  There’s all kinds of really cool features but it’s delivered right away.  In fact, 70% of all of the people who are going to respond to an email message respond within the first 24 hours.  So, again, it’s instantaneous and you can actually get it out right away in your business and create a bottom-line impact by using email marketing.

You Can’t Beat The Value That Email Marketing Delivers

The third thing is, it’s cheap.

When you start comparing this to other types of marketing like direct mail or advertising, you can write an email and send it out to thousands of people, and again, I want to make sure it’s permission based so make sure you’re using an opt-in format to be able to be able to let people give you permission to send an email for the best effectiveness but you can send thousands or tens of thousands of emails, you can send them multiple times a month and you never have to pay postage.

You never have to pay advertising fees.  At the very least, you might end up having to pay, or excuse me, at the very most, for an email service provider but that’s inexpensive when you think about the numbers of people you can impact.

So powerful there!


Email Is STILL The Killer Online Marketing App

The reach is absolutely staggering also with email.

See, a lot of people think with social media, and we even promote a lot through social media, but they think that it’s overtaken email.

They couldn’t be further from the truth; 91% of consumers check their email on a daily basis.

People are still wired into email, it still is absolutely the most pervasive killer app available on the planet which is another reason why you should be sending email in your business as well.

Email Allows You To Measure Your Marketing Effectiveness Easily And Automatically

And the last thing is tracking.

I mentioned it before but the analytics, the information you can get based on the people who are using, opening and engaging in your emails is really easy to use, it’s very simple with email providers today, and it can give you a tremendous amount of insight of who’s actually the most interested in your business or the information you’re sharing and then it becomes easy to segment those people and turn those people into your advocates in the marketplace.

The number one thing that you want to do to drive more repeat and referral business is have a very focused group of people that you know are your champions out in the marketplace and the analytics available through email marketing are what make it all work.

So those are the five things;

1. permission-based

2. it’s fast

3. it’s cheap

4. you have a huge reach and

5. you can track all of the information as well.

Now, one last bonus tip for you is it can be very simple.  So if you use an email delivery program you can even set up  automated email systems.

One thing that we do at MySMARTblog is we create an automated email newsletter so it just mirrors and matches the content that’s published into our client’s blogs which we write for them on a consistent basis; pulls that content into a high quality email newsletter template and then sends it out to their email list on a consistent basis.

So they didn’t even have to manage the process and just know that high-quality information is going out on a consistent basis as well.  That’s called RSS to email.  You can use services like MailChimp.  They have it already built in to their service and it’s pretty easy to implement.

If you have any questions about that feel free to contact us at MySMARTblog.com.

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