Engaging Your Audience With Your Own Blog Content

For this tech tip, we will discuss how writing your own blog content can help your online presence as well as how to do it in a way that will appeal to your subscribers.

Writing Your Own Content

Even though you may be receiving  professionally written daily articles from us here at MySMARTblog, there are many reasons why it is good practice to post your own personal blog content as well. Including your own content with location specific information or important local news updates can help create a more personal experience for your readers who are actually affected by these local events. Even if you do not have the time to create your own posts, editing your MySMARTblog auto-posts is always a good option. If there is an article where you can add some of your own personal knowledge, don’t hesitate to add a few lines here and there or even an additional section or link you feel is valuable.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Consistent blog content is very good for search engine rankings, so writing your own posts at least once a week can significantly help. One very important idea to keep in mind when writing or editing a blog post is the use of keywords or key phrases. Try to use a topic or location specific keyword or key phrase throughout your post to raise the chances of your post showing up in search results based on what you chose. For example, if you are writing about National Parks found in Arizona, try to use “National Parks” or “Arizona” throughout your post so that users searching for either of these two phrases will more easily find your page.

Reaching Your Subscribers

We get lots of questions from our customers regarding our “Content Syndication Service” that comes with some of our SMARTblog packages. This service allows all posts on your SMARTblog site to be automatically sent out to all connected Social Media feeds. This means when anything is posted to your blog, it can also be posted by your various social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. While most of our customers appreciate this this service,  most are not using it to its full potential. Just think, instead of logging into Facebook or Twitter to post a status update or Tweet, why not just post to your SMARTblog and reach both accounts at once, while posting to your blog? This can be a very useful tool when trying to get news of an important event or special deal out to all of your followers at once and in the least amount of time.

How Can I Write My Own Posts?

All of our SMARTblog members have access to their own training video library once they have logged into their dashboard. The video library explains how to do virtually anything you may want to with your SMARTblog and has a very large in-depth collection of videos related to creating your own post. Your video library is located along the left hand side menu under “SMARTblog User Manual” (See Screenshot).

Happy Blogging!