Getting Personal In The Changing Market

Getting personal in the changing marketBlogging benefits your business because the stronger your knowledge and communication about your industry, the more trust you earn. We cover that part at MySMARTblog, but with the changing market, you need to get personal.

Become a resource to your clients: Keep your local market informed about change in mortgage rates, neighborhood news, or trends for home decorating. Providing this information will allow you to build trust in your direct area.

Whatever you decide to write about know that the key is to write engaging content that will allow you to interact with your readers on a personal level so that they think of your mortgage company when they think of mortgages.

So if we cover the basics, what do you write about? We have listed several topics that will allow you to engage with your potential clients on a more personal level.

Recommended Engaging Mortgage Blog Topics:

  1. Talk about the current property values and if they have increased or decreased. You can even discuss the reason why it has increased or decreased to help them better understand that market.
  2. Give your personal thoughts on the housing market.
  3. Give your predictions on the direction of mortgage rates in the next thirty days, sixty days or even ninety days.
  4. Discuss any recognitions that you have received, and why you feel that this makes you more qualified than other mortgage companies to help your client buy or sell a home.
  5. Discuss the local sports teams’ recent plays, wins or the venue they play at.
  6. Discuss after school sports or activities, or local school programs that help could help to provide daycare for working parents.
  7. Give your advice on options other than public school in your area, and what the costs of the local private academies could cost annually.
  8. Discuss the pros of moving into a neighborhood with an HOA.
  9. On the flip side, discuss the cons of moving into a neighborhood with an HOA. Talk about the fees, restrictions and fines that are imposed by the HOA if a resident is found to be in violation.
  10. Give property staging tips that sellers can use. Give both cheap and expensive solutions to staging.
  11. Discuss the local job opportunities, unemployment rates, and which industries are thriving and which industries are barely surviving.
  12. List the local parks, beaches, and theme parks. You can even discuss your favorite restaurant or bar.
  13. Give renovation tips for buyers and sellers alike.
  14. Discuss areas for pets that your city has to offer like dog parks, local veterinary, or mobile grooming services.
  15. Provide tips for moving when pets and kids are involved.
  16. Provide an informative relocation guide.
  17. Explain the different types of mortgages. For example,government mortgages that are available, and who can qualify for them. What types of independent mortgages can be obtained to buy a home?
  18. Give tips on how your readers can get a mortgage.
  19. Discuss the process to ensure that they are fully prepared to relocate to their new home.
  20. Discuss property taxes and how they are figured. Discuss the penalties for late property taxes.
  21. Explain the history of a neighborhood and when it was established.
  22. Talk about ways prospective buyers can ensure that mortgage rates for them are comparable to industry standard at the time.
  23. Discuss refinancing and when it is a good idea to do so.
  24. Provide a change of address checklist to ensure that all of the concerned parties are contacted with the new address.
  25. Provide tips for buying condo units, and how certain mortgage lenders will not provide mortgages to purchase condos unless they meet certain criteria.
  26. Talk about how you stay current on mortgage news.

The most important thing when you are trying to engage local prospects is to be sure you always invite your readers to engage in your posts by asking them questions, like “What do you think about…?” or “Would you like to know more about…?” People love to talk about their lives so ask them what they think! If all else fails and you run out of ideas, you can use Google forms or survey forms to produce new blog ideas from your audience.

Remember: Trust turns interested viewers into customers and current customers into loyal customers.