How To Buy A Home – Infographic

 Here are 3 ways to use this How To Buy A Home infographic in your marketing right now.

1. Add it to your blog.  

1. Just Click Here and scroll to the bottom of the original post on The Mortgage Reports.

2. Then choose the size that you want to use (this one is the 550 pixel version.)

3. Copy and paste into your blog post text editor.

4. Add your personal comments and publish.


2. Share it on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

Here’s where you get a lot of street cred for offering great information.  Understand this important point.

You DON’T have to be the creator of the content for people to see you as the expert.

In fact, most great communicators and experts are not the content creators themselves.

Think about Oprah.  She’s made her life’s fortune and a huge impact by interviewing others and sharing the information with the world!

And don’t just share it and stop there.  Make a comment about what you like in the piece.  

Let people know that the market is heating up for purchases this spring.  

Tell people a funny story about your real estate experience helping someone buy a home.  Anything really.  

Just make an attempt to have a conversation and encourage people to pass the information along.

Check out this great infographic from our friend, Dan Green, at The Mortgage Reports!

We think he did a great job putting this together.

Click Here if you’d like to add this to your website or blog as well!

How To Buy A Home : Infographic from The Mortgage Reports

Homebuyer assistance via The Mortgage Reports.

3. And lastly, email an informative piece like this out to your database.

Just like I did.

It doesn’t need to be fancy to be helpful. Make it short and to the point and link it back to your blog post so you get traffic to your site.

Make it easy for the people on your list to share it as well.  That’s the way you get viral exposure.

If you don’t have an email list or a system set up, go get one at MailChimp for free (


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By Mikel Erdman

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