Marie Forleo Just Shared 4 Great Tips For A More Productive Day!


It really is the great equalizer, isn’t it?

It seems like people who are the most productive have a way of mastering their time to do the most important things consistently and not get distracted by everything else. (Like watching YouTube videos…)

But I was just watching a really good video about time management and productivity by Marie Forleo, who I had the opportunity to meet at Joe Polish’s and Dean Jackson’s marketing event here in Phoenix last year.

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In the video she gives four tips which I think are really good:

1. Let time be your friend, not your enemy.  We all spend way too much time complaining about not having enough time, having too much to do, etc. etc.  It’s time to take control of your time and not let it be a negative in your life.  (Funny part at 3:07)

2. Make your morning routine non-negotiable.  Maybe doing the most fulfilling and positive things first really do set you up for success for the rest of your day.  I know I follow the same rituals as I get started with my day.  And I miss them when I miss them…

3. Make exercise a priority.  Yup…They work out! (funny at 4:30 in the clip!)  I’m a dismal failure at this one, along with 99.9% of the other people Marie mentions in the video.  I do believe her when she says consistently exercising would help all parts of my life be better.  Time to re-commit!

4. Productive people don’t blow themselves off.  They make commitments to themselves and then stick to them.  This is absolutely true and I agree with Marie that it’s likely the single most important battle to win in the war for productivity.  You really do have to pick the most important things and focus on them consistently and repeatedly to win in the long term.

And all of these things can be applied to your marketing strategies too!

In fact, that’s a lot of what we focus on at MySMARTblog.  We help you get more time to focus on the high-dollar activities in your business and leave the websites and blog content writing and publishing to your social media sites to us.

So in a way, we’re working to help you win the war to get your time back too!

Here’s to having a productive day!

What’s your best time productivity tip?  Share it in the comments below!

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By Mikel Erdman

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