How To Pick The Most Effective Domain Name For Your Mortgage Business!

Here at MySMARTblog, we receive questions all the time from our clients on how to pick an SEO-friendly, memorable and relevant domain name for their site. We wanted to put together some key tips that would assist you in picking your own effective domain name.

Key Tips 

1. Make the domain unique, yet relevant to your industry.

2. Keep the name as short as possible.

3. Think of a memorable domain name that’s brand-related. Don’t obsess over it too much, though — just keep it simple. Also don’t try to get overly clever with it, and avoid using numbers as they don’t help and can make it more confusing to remember.

4. Think about targeting your area. For example:

5. Research it. Type it in the address bar or look it up on Google. Make sure the name you’ve selected isn’t copyrighted or being used by someone else.

6. Consider purchasing multiple domain names to point to the same place. It can only help get more traffic to your site, and then you will have purchased those domain names before someone else snags them!

It’s also not a bad idea to buy domain names that are very similar to yours just in case somebody mistypes your domain name.

7. Consider domain names that do not necessarily include the name of your company, but instead what your company provides. This will allow a way for visitors from your target markets to find your site.

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