A Real Estate Blog Is Key To Any Successful Agent’s Business


Real Estate agents need to consider offering a real estate blog as an additional tool for promoting their business.

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Technology offers many means to communicate and keeping up-to-date with the necessary trends and information.

When developing a blog for real estate advice, the agent needs to follow some steps in order to achieve the desired results.

1.  First of all, the agent should always provide quality content.

  • Presenting a real estate case study, its cause, the conditions that create it, providing solutions, advice and offering tips can create online influence for the agent. This type of industry-relevant, high-quality blog content builds trust and credibility with a client when they visit your real estate blog site.
  • Posting real estate blog entries on a regular basis and always providing interesting articles for the public can also provide a strong following and potential opportunities.  Once of the biggest challenges for busy real estate agents who want to blog to support their real estate business is just running out of time.  The good news is there are automated blog content services that can add great content for you — even on an every business day basis!

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2.  It is advised that the posts should have different topics.

  • The main subject of the blog can be about real estate related issues and products, but having various types of blog readers can increase the popularity of the site.  I often give the example of a plumber.  If a plumber is always publishing broken toilet content, eventually people will just tune him out.  But if his website covers his area of expertise, like plumbing, then his blog content can, and should, include other types of content that would be interesting to his target customer.
  • This can also prove to be beneficial in the long-term, because it can offer possible situations where real estate advice is needed.  In fact, a potential client may visit your website because they see a post about something happening in the local area, and then they are reminded of who you are and that you are a real estate agent from the core content on your website.  That reminder can lead to them asking you for help with a real estate transaction, and all from a blog post that may not have had anything to do with real estate in the first place!

3.  It is important to know how to communicate when writing posts.

  • Having a blog resembles the job of a novelist. It’s really important to understand who your target customer is and how to reach them effectively.  Quite frankly, most business people (real estate agents and mortgage lenders included) don’t take the time to think through who their key clients are and what makes them similar.  Once you understand what makes your customer tick, you can write blog content that is interesting to them and keeps them focused on the information that you are sharing.

4.  The best advice a blogger can get is to stay committed.

  • The audience will not come after the first posts, so one needs to be persistent and to continue blog posting over time. In time and with the proper marketing tools, the blog can be a success and achieve the following that it needed. One of the better known (and successful) bloggers on the internet today talks about blogging being about the combination of great quality content and massive promotion.  I’ll share more about how you can promote your blog in another post.
  • The constant progress of technology can help agents improve their strategies and their tools for communicating with clients. Blog writing for real estate agents represents the newest form of social media that transmits the message and creates a relationship with future clients.

As a real estate agent, it can be difficult to find the time to write blog posts about the important real estate issues in your community.


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By Mikel Erdman

Mikel Erdman is the founder of MySMARTblog and RealtyBlogContent. He is a published author and speaking authority on topics including marketing automation and how technology can positively affect company and individual sales efforts. If you like the idea of world-class content marketing in a completely automated system, Click Here for his valuable, limited time offer.