Real Estate Marketing: Is Video Content Marketing One of the Best Ways to Create Sales?

Using Video In Your Real Estate Blog MarketingReal estate marketing in the social media world is a growing practice that can make a significant difference in how a real estate agent acquires leads.

And within all the excitement over content marketing comes the easier ability to share video blogs in the digital universe.

Thanks to Instagram bringing video capability, those in real estate can create interesting video content that enables potential clients to see the agent and the houses being sold.

How should those videos be produced, though?

Marketing real estate in video form has to be approached from a different angle than other businesses would.

Start With a Series of Short Videos

Having one long video with expensive production values is a bit of a risk when a real estate business is first starting out. It’s best to keep the production cheap and do a series of short videos about who you are and the homes you deal with in your business.

Because a real estate agent is already used to dealing with the public, you should be a very effective host. Plus, with affordable digital video cameras providing the appearance of being professional, it shouldn’t take too much effort.

Videos now work much like text on the web: Audiences want to watch them in small chunks to sustain attention.

Using Your Textual Blogs as Video Content Ideas

Anything on your blog (hopefully written by us) could be adaptable into video format. In fact, bringing those thoughts or descriptions to life can make a significant difference in gaining more leads or sales.

This includes real estate meetings where you spoke, or tours of specific homes that might be of interest to a certain clientele.

It also doesn’t hurt to show interviews or tours of the office where you work so clients can see what goes on behind the scenes when you’re not out showcasing homes.

Add Some Interactivity

While a comment section is mandatory where you can post replies to commenters, allowing people to interact with your video is now easier than ever.

Mozilla has developed Popcorn that enables you to place graphics and various icons on the screen for a richer experience while watching videos. YouTube also now has easy to use editing features and the ability to add ways to interact with your videos.

When people want more information about something you mention in the video, you can provide an instant link on the screen that takes the person to your informative website or social media page.

Can Your Video Play on Multiple Devices?

While the age of adaptability in online ads is just now evolving, it might be a challenge making your video playable on smartphones and tablets.

If it’s in your budget, it’s especially important to allow your video to play on a mobile device, especially when prospective clients might be looking up info on homes while on the go.

And, in fact, some people may be watching your videos as a form of augmented reality while scoping out neighborhoods where they want to live.

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By Mikel Erdman

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