Super Cool Use Of YouTube Video For Social Media Marketing

Awesome Video Marketing TechniqueWow! So I’ve just got to share this great example of simple YouTube marketing to drive repeat and referral business.

My daughter, Lauren (who’s 6) went with a friend to “Bring A Friend Day” at The Little Gym today.

I really had no idea that she was going, but I just got this email forwarded from my wife:

Hi Tiffani,

We loved having Lauren for Bring A Friend day. You can enjoy “Serious Fun” again and again here; 

(Click Play To Watch This Video)


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy Handstands!!

The Little Gym of Litchfield Park is Serious FUN

Now, needless to say, when I saw a YouTube video with my daughter in it, I immediately stopped what I was doing and clicked play.

Talk about smart marketing on their part.  I mean, not only are they leveraging referrals by offering the “Bring a Friend” concept, but then they take the very little extra time to film the kids while they’re having a ball and then sending it off to the parents for proof!

You can imagine that I’m already thinking about how much fun Lauren had and how I can get her back in there to do it again!

So simple, so quick, and so easy to implement.

Think of how you can leverage this concept in your own business.  You can shoot the video right on your phone.  You can upload it directly to YouTube (on your custom YouTube Channel, btw) and fire it off to your email list, share it to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter accounts, and on and on.

The exposure is invaluable.  Plus the social interaction through likes, shares and comments (why yes, please do!) are exactly what search engines are looking for to determine relevant content for SEO results!

So here’s the tip ‘o the day.

Use the tools you have at your immediate disposal (like your phone, YouTube, and a great personal blog website) to get creative and make some cool marketing.

Build your personal brand using creativity and have fun.

The most important people in your sphere of influence will enjoy it and you’ll build top of mind awareness and deeper relationships at the same time!


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By Mikel Erdman

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