What’s the Purpose of Blogging For Your Business?

Blogging For Your Business
The purpose of business blogging is to get you and your company in front of the right leads. You want to be found on the internet and show up in the number one position when someone Googles the service you provide and beat the competition. To accomplish this, blogging is of the utmost importance, whether your business is online, or you have a brick-and-mortar business. Here is why.

Blogging builds evidence and trust. 

Blogging is a visible way to showcase your knowledge of the services you provide and show potential clients why you are the industry expert in your area. When a potential client is interested in your services and can choose between you and a competitor, which would they choose? If you are equal in all other aspects, they will more likely than not, choose the brand they find more trustworthy. Blogging will help you build that trust!

Blogging drives traffic.

Blogging helps you get eyeballs on your website. How else will people find your website? Let’s think about this for a minute here: No one is going to type in your website URL and go directly to your site. It doesn’t happen. Unless they are going to a main site like Google or Yahoo people do not type in websites. They click on links.

Paid advertising is expensive. 

Paid ads can get in front of the right people, there is no doubt about that. We encourage it at MySMARTblog, but, you should also have other avenues to drive traffic. You should be using marketing strategies tactically and paid ads are expensive, so we recommend that you only spend where you’re going to see big returns. For everything else, business blogging is your best bet to more, better traffic.

Purchasing an email list is illegal. 

We know when leads are slow this can be tempting but just don’t do it. There are 2 main reasons for this. The first is that people tend to delete emails from people they do not know because of viruses, scams and more. The second and most important, it is illegal!

Blog content can be repurposed.

We discuss this in our e-book “Beyond the Blog” as well. When you invest in a blog for your website, you are not just investing in the blog itself, but the content — the knowledge that you are providing and standing out as the industry expert. You can repurpose the blogs with posts to groups or pages, you can create a YouTube video from the content or turn it into a podcast to reach a wider audience. You can also create an infographic or GIF with the content and then repost it. The options are endless.

Blogging intensifies over time. 

Blogging doesn’t go away! The more content you have, the more authority and influence you build. A blog might not have much return on investment in the first year or so, but by the third, it might be responsible for more than half of your sales. Blogging is a major investment, yes, but it pays returns for as long as you keep it going.

Your business blog is a Lead Generation Machine that runs 24 hours a day. Social media shares are fine, but people need something to share and that is why blogging is so powerful. Paid ads are great but costly, and require an upfront cost to get traffic. Once you stop running the ads, the traffic stops.

Email marketing is fine and works well, but it only works for people who have already opted into your mailing list. Blogging gets your site listed in Google’s search results, and that gets people on your site. By blogging you provide them with content they want to see, and they’ll find it when they  look for it. Google will always rank the website with the most interesting and noteworthy content highest on its results pages. That’s why blogging for your business is so important.