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How to Reduce Your Expenses During Retirement

You have worked hard for most of your adult life and the day has come that you will retire and enjoy the freedom of your golden years. You might take up a hobby, volunteer, or just enjoy working in your garden and socializing with your friends. If you have been planning ahead and contributing to your retirement fund, you will likely have a nest egg built up which will help you support yourself once you leave your job. You also may have built up a large amount of savings, or equity, in your home. There are some really good strategies…
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The Psychological Tactics That Supermarkets Use On Customers

More than 50% of supermarket purchases are "impulse buys". You may not have known that, but the supermarkets do. And they've built their stores accordingly. A fool and his grocery cart are soon filled to the brim. In this 6-minute video from NBC's The Today Show, you'll learn how supermarkets use everything from packaging to placement so that customers spend more of their money with each store visit. Among the supermarkets' tricks: Placing flowers and bakery at the front of the store to "make you salivate" Specific "deal wording" (e.g. Buy 5 for $5.00) meant to entice larger purchases Placing staples…
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