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8 Things Homebuyers Should Avoid During Their Transaction – Free Marketing Infographic!

Here's a free marketing infographic for you to customize and use to educate your home buying clients. If you appreciate free marketing tools like this, please share it to your social media accounts! Want us to customize this infographic for you? Click HERE and we'll do it for 20 Bucks! Click To Download The PDF Version With Text Fields Click To Download The JPG Version To Edit With Right Click, "Save Image As", Save to your computer Edit this infographic like I demonstrated in the video at
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How To Create A Veterans Home Loan Video Commercial To Get VA Mortgage Leads

Do you use videos in your marketing? I've found they can be really good to get new prospects engaged and drive prospects to my website. Plus the videos can screen for high quality prospects as well as pre-educate them as well. I'm putting together a short, commercial style VA Home Loan marketing video and I thought I'd share the step-by-step process with you as I get it done. Click Here To Be Added To This Free Video Class I'm going to include everything I do like: Coming up with the idea for the video Having the script professionally written for…
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How My Son’s Car Breakdown Affects Your Business!

My son's car broke down and it created a crazy important story about how the internet has massively shifted your real estate and mortgage business! Watch this video and join me tomorrow! "The 3 Key Online Marketing Strategies To Get Leads That Close And Maximum Referrals Automatically!" Click Here To Register DURING THIS FREE WEBINAR YOU WILL LEARN: +The 3 Incredibly Expensive Internet Marketing Myths That Will Never Work To Close Deals! (Unfortunately these are the most promoted strategies by the "gurus" too!) + The 7 Step Fail Proof Plan To Guarantee That You Generate Qualified, Profitable Clients That Lead…
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How To Find The Best VA Home Loan Video Script Ideas

Watch this short video to see exactly how to get ideas and content for your VA Home Loan video marketing projects.   You can do a Google Search for topics related to your video idea. Pay attention to the suggested questions that people are asking for additional ideas. Use to look for infographics related to your topic. These have information already distilled down into script size bites and you can also give them away to your VA home loan prospects as an additional information piece. This is Mikel Erdman, and thanks for opting in for this video creation series.…
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Blog SEO: How to Make Your Blog More Search Engine Friendly

Whether you're running a blog to promote your legal practice or you have an e-commerce store and you derive a significant amount of business through blogging, having a grasp of search engine optimization or "SEO" and how to optimize your blog for search engines will help you to attract new visitor traffic. In today's post we'll explore blog SEO and how to make your blog posts a bit more search engine friendly. Use Fast, High-Quality Hosting Have you ever tried to load a webpage or blog only to find yourself getting frustrated with how slowly the page is loading? Search…
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Content Curation: How a Few Minutes a Day Spent Curating Content Can Help Boost Your Traffic

These days, many website owners and bloggers are looking for ways to boost their web traffic. While there are a plethora of strategies that can be implemented to realize this objective, content curation can be particularly effective. Let's take a quick look at why this internet marketing strategy can be effective and help establish you as a thought leader in your space. What Is Content Curation? Although defined broadly, content curation is essentially a process of analyzing and sorting through the existing content on the web to find the best pieces that cover a particular theme. Content curation is similar…
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