The Music of Possibility – How Do You See Your (Dis-) Abilities?

How many times have you lamented the areas that you feel you lack in life?  Have you allowed yourself to feel like a victim because of the circumstances that surround you? If you're like most people, you probably find yourself nodding in agreement to these questions.  For some reason, we tend to focus on what we don't have and desire rather than what we've been give and should celebrate. Today's quick story is about someone who has mastered the skills and abilities that he was given to become an inspiration and a joy to all of those people around him. …
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11 Month Old Boy Loses Both Legs And Becomes World Class Sprinter

The Olympic Games have once again drawn to a close.  As always, I was amazed and thrilled to see the champions of sport from all over the world gather in London for a magical time. I don't know what it is about seeing people performing at their best that moves me.  But I find myself choked up, even holding back tears, when I know that I'm witnessing something extraordinary. But this guy.....Oscar Pistorius...was something else altogether. <-----SHARE THIS POST HERE IF YOU APPRECIATE IT! [youtube width="590" height="400"][/youtube]   Talk About Beating the Odds I mean, here's a guy who had…
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Little Things Can Leave A Legacy Too!

Last week I shared a video about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  But what about the little things we do that can have an amazing impact on other people as well? I had an experience like this one time early in my professional life that cemented two concepts in my mind ever since. The first is that little things do make a difference. The second is in the power of a simple thank you. Early in my sales career I was presented with an opportunity that drastically changed my outlook on the world.  I was coming off of my first…
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Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things Creates Success

What  is it that makes some people succeed while others fail? Why do some people experience so much success while others are stuck in a maze of never-ending mediocrity, or worse yet, failure? Well, one thing is certain.  It's not that they are some kind of superhuman born with skills that just aren't available to anyone else. Time and time again we have seen that ordinary people with an extraordinary idea or dream and a whole lot of focus and determination are able to overcome the odds that stop most people dead in their tracks. I'll tell you one thing…
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Motivational Monday – Imagine Being Found in a Shoebox, Wanted by No One

Here's a great example of a man who simply doesn't allow physical limitations to define him. Emmanuel Kelly was born in war-torn Iraq.   He was left on the steps of an orphanage in a shoebox with his brother. Luckily, they were adopted and taken to Australia to be raised by a very generous woman, Moira Kelly. Check out the amazing performance in this video: [youtube width="595" height="400"][/youtube] I've watched that video a number of times and it resonates deeply every time I see it. So how does that performance make you feel? Feel free to leave a comment in the…
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Motivational Monday – People Are Awesome

Here's a great video that shows anything is possible.  People committed to doing what others think is too dangerous, or just plain old crazy, continue to defy the odds and prove that the seemingly impossible can be achieved. This is a really well put together video and every action packed scene is spectacular! [youtube width="500" height="400"][/youtube]   Which scene inspires you the most?  What one do you like best? Make sure and share your answer in the comments section below!
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