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Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things Creates Success

What  is it that makes some people succeed while others fail? Why do some people experience so much success while others are stuck in a maze of never-ending mediocrity, or worse yet, failure? Well, one thing is certain.  It's not that they are some kind of superhuman born with skills that just aren't available to anyone else. Time and time again we have seen that ordinary people with an extraordinary idea or dream and a whole lot of focus and determination are able to overcome the odds that stop most people dead in their tracks. I'll tell you one thing…
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Would You Like To Travel Around The World In 10 Days?

I love to travel. There is so much to see in the world  and sometimes the TV or a magazine just doesn't do it.  There is something about walking up to a famous statue or an incredibly beautiful place and seeing it with your own eyes that just can't be experienced the same in any other way. Maybe it's the journey to get you there.  Maybe it's the anticipation of knowing that you're going to experience it first-hand. Maybe it's the effort that you have to put out to make it a reality. Click below to play this cool travel…
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Motivational Monday – Imagine Being Found in a Shoebox, Wanted by No One

Here's a great example of a man who simply doesn't allow physical limitations to define him. Emmanuel Kelly was born in war-torn Iraq.   He was left on the steps of an orphanage in a shoebox with his brother. Luckily, they were adopted and taken to Australia to be raised by a very generous woman, Moira Kelly. Check out the amazing performance in this video: [youtube width="595" height="400"][/youtube] I've watched that video a number of times and it resonates deeply every time I see it. So how does that performance make you feel? Feel free to leave a comment in the…
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Motivational Monday 4 – Let’s See What You Got

When you're presented with an opportunity, what do you do? Do you take your shot?  Do you sit back and think about it? [youtube width="550" height="415"][/youtube] Today is the day you can choose to bear down on the opportunities that are right in front of you. Today you can choose to pick up the phone and make the calls that have the potential to change your week, month, and year into an absolute winner. Today you can make a decision to move in the direction of heroes. Today is yours, but it's only here for today. Now is the time…
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