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Can You Really Buy Off-Planet Real Estate?

Real estate agents are constantly looking for new listings, which will attract potential buyers. We no longer need to limit our search for good listings to planet Earth because Mars is now for sale. Although this may sound a bit far-fetched at first, it is not such a strange concept if you consider the serious efforts being made to colonize Mars with the commercial efforts by companies like Space X. There is a company, called Lunar Land, which is already selling acres of land on Mars as a novelty. Historical Precedent Off-planet land sales have already had considerable success for…
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How Savvy Realtors Boost Their Reputation with a Blog

As a knowledgeable business professional, you know that your reputation is everything. People simply refuse to work with those they can't trust, which is why establishing your credibility is paramount especially if you're only just starting out. And in the online marketing realm, one of the best ways to establish your reputation is by creating a blog. So how can you build a great reputation by publishing blog articles on your website? Here's what you need to know. Shift Your Mindset from Cost to Investment Business owners, such as Realtors, must carefully differentiate between costs and investments when making important…
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