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Power Up Your Networking Tornado Style!

I took the opportunity to attend a full day workshop with the team at Sixth Division in Gilbert, Arizona today. <<<---CLICK HERE TO SHARE THIS VIDEO, HELP PASS IT AROUND! They shared some really focused and powerful strategies on how you can improve your business to make more money faster and easier while having fun. Here's a great takeaway shared at the Sixth Division Marketing Bootcamp. This is a great way to help people understand what you do and how they can help you! Watch this short video:   More on the Tornado Technique: The Tornado Technique is the basis…
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Scarcity Works In Persuading Prospects to Become Customers

Going....Going....Gone! You've experienced this feeling before, right?  You'd better get in before the good stuff is all taken.  You don't want to miss out! A common story that shows scarcity being used in real estate transactions goes something like this: Agent: "So, how do you like this home?" Customer: "Oh, I really like it.  I'm pretty sure it would work for us." Agent: "Great!  Well, if you're really interested in this home we should probably get an offer in right away.  Properties in this price range are moving quickly and many times have multiple offers.  This one will probably go…
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