4 Must Do’s for Small Business Bloggers

A small business blog is a great marketing tool. Every small business should host a blog on their official website to keep clients and customers informed of new happenings and entertained with relevant posts. Blogs are fantastic marketing tools and remaining up to date on blogging best practices is necessary in order to stay relevant. Here are 4 must do's for content marketing that are being successfully implemented by small business bloggers to increase their leads and expand their reach. Focus On Original Content 'Content is king' has been a popular phrase among digital marketers for some time, and for…
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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Snapchat Marketing

Any business that wants to engage with a younger generation of customers will need to market where that demographic spends their time. The next generation of consumers currently uses Snapchat to communicate and this newer social media platform requires a different set of techniques to grow followers. Provide Content Unique To The Platform Simply copying and pasting the same information that is posted everywhere will not be enough to get the younger Snapchat users to engage with a brand. People who use Snapchat have different expectations when consuming media and unique content should be created for them to take advantage…
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Crafting the Perfect Welcome Email for New Subscribers: 3 Essential Components

A welcome email will be the first point of contact for new subscribers after they have given a business their email address and the go ahead to contact them through it. Starting with a generic email blast is not recommended, as consumers prefer a more personalized touch. A well-crafted welcome email should be simple and friendly, while highlighting the benefits of subscribing to the email list. Here are 3 essential components to any welcome email: Offer A Special Deal For New Subscribers Start off on a high note by offering the new subscriber a deal for signing up to the…
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