Effective and Compliant Social Media

Posting your content across multiple social media platforms will give you the greatest reach for potential clients. Each platform offers a distinctive value to customers, so it’s beneficial to understand the pros and cons of each platform. That being said, what is the most effective platform for the mortgage and real estate industry?

What to Post and Where?

For mortgage and real estate, Facebook is by far the most popular platform, followed by LinkedIn, Instagram and then YouTube for video content. The simple secret behind most social media is consistency. You cannot stay visible if you are not posting often. The only way to grow your presence and build a credible brand through social media is to make it a priority.

Do Not Let Compliance Hold You Back

Many people in the industry have reservations about using social media due to all of the compliance issues. Below we will break down the simple steps to ensure that your profile, page, and posts all stay compliant.

Keeping Your Profile Compliant

To keep your business profile compliant, use this checklist to be sure that you have included everything that you need.

  • Legal company name and DBA if they have one on record. (Be sure also to use commas and company abbreviations and any additions like LLC, Corp, etc).
  • Licensing information for you and the company. If you work for a large company with NMLS#, and then a branch of the company with a NMLS# then you MUST include NMLS# for the company, branch, and yourself. The same rules apply for real estate agents.
  • Company logo
  • The Equal Housing/Lending logo and/or verbiage
  • Your profile should have links to your company website, company policies, disclosure page link, NMLS consumer access, etc.
  • A physical branch address should always be listed

Compliance PuzzleKeeping Your Posts Compliant

To be sure that your posts stay compliant, it is important to seek advice from your marketing team if the post is in question at all. Other common things to remember when it comes to compliance are noted below:

  • Only share industry-related blogs and articles if they come from a credible and reliable industry source.
  • Before posting anything that has to do with prizes, drawings, promotions, or giveaways on any social media channel get approval from your marketing team.
  • Reach out to marketing before doing any live videos or feeds on social media. The material covered must be compliant and must be discussed beforehand.
  • Be sure to monitor the comments on your business page. If they are inappropriate, delete or hide them.

Post Compliance: The following could be considered unacceptable practices when posting on social media.

  • Posts that insult the intelligence of your borrowers or business partners that you may have an issue with.  Social media is NOT the place to address them.
  • Posting mortgage specific products or content on your personal social media accounts. Personal pages are for photos and posts about family, friends, pets and is NOT the place for business posts.
  • Posting about political or controversial issues. Just walk away. REALLY! Walk AWAY!
  • Posting special rates or promising lower rates at any time. (Note: Anytime you mention rates, it must be accompanied by “APR” or “Annual Percentage Rate”).
  • Posting buyer closing photos without the buyer giving you written permission to post. If it is a video closing, be sure to have it approved by marketing.

The following are examples of Social Media posts that could help your brand be noticed.

  • Make your social media marketing fun and interactive. Social media can often be stressful. Create a fun distraction with some of your posts.
  • Social media audiences respond well to live video. Do not be camera shy. Hopping on for a quick 30-second update is fast, effective, and a great way to start conversations.
  • Share something to make them smile. Share images that show the fun and celebration that come with a new home or mortgage. Offer a success story to illustrate your success.
  • Provide useful tools Give them tools to do a little research for themselves, like a refi, qualification, or rent payment vs. mortgage payment calculator, they’ll probably appreciate it.
  • Strengthen partner relationships. Have a great closing? Say it, be sure you tag the other professionals involved, and thank them for making it work. If you have a partner who has shared about a successful closing, comment on their post with congratulations. Use your time online to build others up.