Blog SEO: How to Make Your Blog More Search Engine Friendly

SEOWhether you’re running a blog to promote your legal practice or you have an e-commerce store and you derive a significant amount of business through blogging, having a grasp of search engine optimization or “SEO” and how to optimize your blog for search engines will help you to attract new visitor traffic. In today’s post we’ll explore blog SEO and how to make your blog posts a bit more search engine friendly.

Use Fast, High-Quality Hosting

Have you ever tried to load a webpage or blog only to find yourself getting frustrated with how slowly the page is loading? Search engines like Google and Bing know that users aren’t interested in waiting around, and if your blog is slow to load they will ensure you do not rank highly in the search results. Ensure that your blog is hosted with a fast, high-quality web host and that you regularly test the speed using an online tool.

Use a Responsive, Mobile-friendly Design

As you know, more and more individuals are reading blogs and browsing the web from smartphones and tablets. In response to this trend, major search engines and their “spiders” will assess how your website looks and loads for users on different platforms and will take this data into consideration as a factor in where to rank your website. You’ll want to ensure that your blog has a responsive design that is as friendly to smartphone visitors as it is to those on a laptop or desktop computer. Don’t forget that iOS and Android devices are far different! You’ll want to test your blog using the major browsers on every mobile platform to ensure it loads correctly.

Link to Other Parts of Your Website

Finally, you’ll want to ensure that you follow good linking practices by linking out to other blog posts or pages on your website. This will encourage search spiders to move throughout your site and will demonstrate which pages or posts you feel are the most important. It will also help keep your users on your website for longer.

While link building and other “offsite” search engine optimization is best left to professionals, the above best practices for “onsite” SEO will help to ensure that your blog ranks highly in the search engines. Remember – optimization is a constant process, so be sure to keep testing to see which strategies are working and which need to be shelved.

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