It Doesn’t End When You Click “Publish”: How to Promote Your Blog Posts to Gain Visibility and Traffic

23865043_SAfter a blog post is published, the hard work begins. Although a business blog is a good content marketing strategy, most small business owners and professionals don’t realize that they have to market their blog posts in order to gain visibility and traffic. In today’s post we’ll explore a few ways that you can promote your blog posts that are already published on your blog site.

Use Social Media

Social media marketing (SMM) is a growing trend for getting any type of content noticed on the Internet. By using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and other popular platforms, a blog owner can announce the publication of their latest posts across all platforms.

Publish Blog Posts Regularly

One of the best ways to get a steady stream of readers to a blog is by regularly posting useful and well-written content. Visitors to a blog are looking for information to improve their professional or personal lives. By providing valuable content every week, a blog gets new readers while also keeping the old ones.

Add Share Buttons to Each Blog Post

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Sharing content is a terrific form of word-of-mouth marketing. By making it easy for readers to share content with their followers and fans on social media websites, blog posts get more traffic. It’s very easy to place the social media share buttons before and/or after a blog post.

Submit Blog to Search Engines and Directories

People look for information online using major search engines, niche search engines, and blog directories. By submitting the blog URL to these services, a company gets more relevant traffic to the blog.

Respond to Readers’ Comments

A good method for interacting with readers is to respond to the comments they leave on the blog. By continuing the online conversations, relationships are built and this leads to an increase in readership, traffic, and the sharing of blog posts.

Blogs are a great marketing tool for educating potential customers and interesting them in a company’s products and services. Publishing a blog post is really just the first step. It’s the promotion of each blog post in a variety of ways that gets the results all businesses need to grow.