Effective Social Media Marketing


With the growing popularity of the internet as an essence to many ways of life, businesses are beginning to utilize the internet and all of its abundant resources to benefit their advertisement and crowd to whom they sell to. Over the last decade, there has been a rapid growth in the amount of use and ease of access to social media. Sites such as “Facebook”, “Twitter”, and “LinkedIn” have paved the way for this rise in the significance of social media.

Such a strong rise in the usage of such sites have struck businesses; provoking new ideas and methods of effective marketing, truly ideal for this rise in technology and reliance on the virtual world. Businesses have noticed this new opportunity and many have taken advantage of such a playing field, testing and utilizing diverse methods in hopes of achieving the best solution. Social Media Marketing has become a new open territory for businesses to explore.

Internet marketing has always been a big part of the world wide web itself, allowing companies to achieve a wider geographically sound customer base. With such a significant rise recently in the utilization of social media, companies have begun to stretch their internet presence to such markets such as these as well. An effective social media marketing plan is the key step to having a successful usage of time and money through such markets. The first part of deriving this plan is to have an understanding of the company’s customer. Knowing the typical age, wealth, and hobbies of the customer is very significant towards the long run of solid advertisement.

With this new knowledge, one can target the typical lifestyle of the typical customer, finding ways to intertwine the product, with advertisement, into the customer’s everyday life. The social media site “Facebook” is great with taking the hobbies or interests of a person and then matching advertisements on the side that apply to that particular user’s interests. With an active account on “Twitter” a company can update its customers with new information or sales. “LinkedIn” does an effective job to connect people to work for the greater good of solving a problem or opening new connections in the job market.

There are many popular social media sites that can work to provide great marketing opportunities, but sometimes a community moderator is necessary to see the impact the social media page has on the area and potential and existing customers. Ideas executed adequately in social media can have a positive effect on a business.


    • Hi Tony –

      I took a few minutes to review your websites and it looks like you have a lot of fun with your work!

      One thing I can suggest for you to consider is looking at options to categorize the information on your website and present it in a way that is easier for a user to understand. Just like in real life, internet first impressions are critical and having a professional (even when it’s fun!) appearance goes a long ways in getting customers to trust you enough to begin to engage your services.

      Secondly, you can use some social media integration tools to communicate more effectively with your sphere of influence and referral sources to generate more business. Using your WordPress website as the nerve center for your communications platform and then broadcasting that high-quality, relevant content out through the major social media communications sites works wonders for search engine optimization, especially with the new search algorithms that use social search as a component of their relevant results.

      I’d be happy to go over some details on a complimentary 30 minute consultation. Just let me know a good time and number to reach you when you’ll be in front of your computer.



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