FREE Tickets! Inland Valley Association of Realtors RealtorTEK Event

We’re excited to be presenting at the Inland Valley Association of Realtors RealtorTEK event this Thursday, October 27th.

We have a limited supply of FREE tickets to the event.  Contact us to get your coupon code and then register online .

We’re also giving away a bunch of free gifts to the attendees!


Here is the list of topics that we’ll be presenting:

Breakout Session 1

How Groupon Used YOU to Make $15 Billion in 30 Months (and how you can copy them)!

Learn how the fastest growing company in history used it’s customers to explode their business.  You might think Groupon’s all about a half-priced pizza….but think again.

There are seven principles of influence that you must know and employ in your online marketing efforts to make more connections, make better presentations, and get more clients saying “YES!”.

I’ll share Groupon’s top-secret influence tips to help you take your business to stratospheric heights!

Breakout Session 2

Why Using Glamour Shots Isn’t the Best Way to Build Your Personal Brand

Authenticity. That’s what it’s all about these days. Social Media has changed the game and the old-school playbook has been turned on its head.

What’s got a lot of Real Estate Professionals befuddled is who, what, where, why and how to connect with new customers and generate trust and credibility at break-neck speed.

I’ll show you how to easily and cost-effectively get your message and business out to the right prospects…..Automatically!

Breakout Session 3

Powerful Video Tactic That Puts 400% More Customers in Your Business in Less Than 60 Days…

Discover the single “Magic Bullet” Video tactic putting 400% more customers in your business and the step-by-step formula on how to use this for immediate results … even if you don’t know anything about video and have no clue where to begin.

– Multiply your customer list in minutes each day

– Learn the ninja trick to get your video on your prospect’s mobile phone with a guaranteed response

– See the powerful video method that gets a meeting with anyone …every single time

Breakout Session 4

Cold Call “Weenie” Discovers Top Secret Automated Lead Generation System and is Swimming in Leads!

I admit it.  I’m the cold call weenie.  And it’s not that I don’t know I deliver great service and deeply care about my clients.

It’s just that I HATE calling person after person and getting that “Oh, your just calling to sell me something….” condescending attitude over and over.

I was going broke and absolutely needed a fix…and fast!

After a long time and money I found the answer; a system that literally gushes qualified leads whenever I throw the switch.

I’ll share the inside skinny on how you have unlimited interested leads that are ready to talk as you give them a call!

 Speaker Bio: Mikel Erdman

Mikel Erdman has been engaging and inspiring sales and marketing professionals for more than 15 years.  A product of the success principles he teaches, Mikel started his entrepreneurial career immediately after graduating from college.  He became a self-made millionaire by the age of 30.  He has successfully started and grown multiple companies in the mortgage, technology and advertising arenas.

Mikel’s belief in and passion for personal development is at the core of his business and life philosophy.  He has mentored and trained hundreds of professionals over the years helping them to achieve their greatest potential.

Company Description: 

MySMARTblog develops and deploys full-service, highly effective referral marketing solutions for busy Real Estate Professionals using their proprietary SMARTblog Social Media Marketing Machine.

MySMARTblog customers have the highest quality online appearance using cutting-edge technology and professional graphic design.  They communicate effectively and consistently through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and many other social networks automatically using SMARTblog social media syndication and automatic content creation technologies.

Simply, we build your image and market you consistently.  You get referrals!