How To Find The Best VA Home Loan Video Script Ideas

Watch this short video to see exactly how to get ideas and content for your
VA Home Loan video marketing projects.


You can do a Google Search for topics related to your video idea. Pay attention to the suggested questions that people are asking for additional ideas.

Use to look for infographics related to your topic. These have information already distilled down into script size bites and you can also give them away to your VA home loan prospects as an additional information piece.

This is Mikel Erdman, and thanks for opting in for this video creation series. I’m excited to put this together for you.

The first thing I want to go over is how you come up with an idea. So a couple of things that you can do.

Number one, is you just happen to think of a topic that’s relevant to your business, your customer base, so in this case we’re doing VA mortgage loans just because it’s a niche, it’s a specific niche that we can worth with.

Lots of people do VA mortgages, and again, for our subscribers all over the country, at some level, do some amount of VA business. So that was a topic that I picked. Not to mention, I’m a veteran, so it was kind of something near and dear to my heart.

So, anyway, when I decided to do that, I was actually looking around for some ideas and just something simple for this commercial was going to be something about the benefits of a VA mortgage loan.

And so you can go and you can search. You guys probably know that if you go to Google and you type in a search, there’s all these suggested searches, so you can see what other people are typing in there. That’s one thing.

But another thing I wanted to point out for you is they’re now putting in this People Also Ask box which gives you full questions about things people are actually asking specifically about VA home loans.

So, in that case, you might look to some of those and even open those up, look at the answers, where the information is coming from. That can help you get some research to be able to have this script written or tell the person who is going to write the script where to get the information.

And so, you can go through and they’re gonna reload more and more questions that are all related to the last set of questions. It’s a great way to build some information about what people are actually typing in the search box and what you would what to title a video over.

You could literally do a whole series of 10 videos using just the information with the actual questions people are putting in this box.

The other thing you can do is go to something like Pinterest. I like Pinterest because you can get a lot of infographics and you’ll recognize this particular image. This one came from a subscription that I have for a content subscription service and so I wanted to … I passed that on to you guys.

Go ahead and download it. Use it in your marketing, but that’s how I came up with this particular idea that I wanted to do VA home loans. I just saw this actual infographic.

But what I wanted to show you is if you go here into Pinterest, and you just type in … I just typed in Veteran’s home loan, and that came up, so it was kind of funny to see that there.

But then when I click onto that to open it up, when you go down to the bottom, there’s a whole bunch of infographics that you can take a look through and see, and sometimes that, again …

An infographic is kind of like a script for a commercial, and they’re already boiled down into specific points.

So you can take a look at this if you want to do one on the VA loan preapproval process. You already have a whole bunch of good quality information that’s boiled down in to bullet points, and then you can let your script writer know that that’s what you want to be able to make the script out of, or you can do it yourself, also, using these tools.

So those are a couple of different ways to be able to research the topic and, again, go ahead and when you go back, download that image off of the blog post that I’ll link it here in this email, as well, but go ahead and download this.

All you do is right click on it, click save image as, save it to your computer to your desktop, and then you’ll be able to use that in any marketing. You can put it in a newsletter. You could send it out to people that might be interested in VA home loans, like a template email that you could create.

Lots of different ways you can use this content and start building up a group of things to use, any time you’re talking to someone about VA home loans.

Okay, thanks a lot guys! If you have any questions at all, just send me an email. Talk to you soon.

By Mikel Erdman

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