Infographics: the Perfect Solution for a Blog That’s Feeling a Little “Text Heavy”

InfographicWhether you’re starting to feel like your blog posts are a little wordy or you simply want to break up the monotony a bit, you’ll find that infographics are an excellent way to communicate your message using a visual medium. In today’s blog post we’ll explore infographics and explain why they are a useful solution for those who have “text heavy” blogs.

Creating Infographics That Tell Your Story

If you’ve never seen one before, an infographic is a large image that tells some sort of story or translates some otherwise boring statistical data into a visual piece that is more easily understood. For example, if you run a website promoting car insurance you might decide to create an infographic visually demonstrating the traits that safe drivers have in each state that you operate in. You can use any sort of data generated by your products or services to tell some sort of story; infographics will help breathe some visual life into that story and thus create far more interest than if you had simply written about it. Remember – a picture is worth 1000 words and you may find that a successful infographic is worth far more than that.

Remember: Infographics Require Promotion

Infographics can display a powerful message, but without promotion that message will go unheard. You’ll need to commit to social media sharing, paid advertisements, guest blogging opportunities and other outreach methods in order to drive visitor traffic to your infographic and the blog post that you wrote to announce it.

Encourage Your Visitors to Use and Share Your Infographic

Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of the fact that your visitors and other bloggers or website owners may be interested in using your infographic and providing a link back to your blog as credit. This can be a great way to earn some additional visitor traffic and exposure on other blogs in your industry, so be sure to produce and share a piece of HTML code that can be used to embed your infographic.

Like any other piece of content marketing collateral, with a proper strategy and an investment of time and resources you’ll find that infographics are an excellent way to visually tell your story, to encourage sharing and to draw in visitors from websites that might never have provided you with exposure otherwise.

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