Internet Marketing: How To Use Social Media To Connect With Consumers

Times are changing, and changing with them is how businesses connect with their customers. Technology has made public relations and marketing more effective, and at the same time more complicated, and being up to date on these techniques can make or break a business in this modern world. Internet marketing has become a huge part of the business world, so huge in fact that so many websites run based solely off of the money they make from advertising space.

Take Facebook as an example, which takes it a internet marketing a step further and uses social media marketing to help companies and products grow. Facebook can look at what things people “like” or what people say their interests are on their profile and cater the advertisements people see directly based on these observations. For example I recently updated my profile to say I enjoy playing golf and I suddenly have golf advertisements on the side of my page. This method is far more effective than assuming everyone watching ESPN will want to buy beer or men’s hygiene products and therefore advertising for them on the station. Not only can companies use Facebook to market their products, but they can also use it to build public relations. Many companies have created their own Facebook pages where consumers can go to get updates on new product, ask questions, and even express their opinions about the company and what they do. Having these pages also acts as free advertising for companies, as people can see when their friends like a page and because of that may be inclined to go check it out for themselves.

Another way to do this is to start a blog that allows consumers to ask questions that can be answered by members in the company. By allowing individuals to ask specific questions people can get the answers they really want, while the company can work to build better rapport with their customers. This also allows for potential consumers to get in touch with current consumers who may be able to recommend your product.

As the tech savvy young people of today continue to grow into the clientele of tomorrow it is important that companies keep up with the times by using internet as well as social media marketing to reach these potential consumers. By using these public relations techniques companies can continue to survive and thrive in this hi tech world.