Three Ways You Can Leverage Content Marketing to Promote a “Boring” Product or Service

Content Marketing
Whether you’re responsible for marketing blenders, a software that helps people with their taxes or mortgages, you may find that marketing a somewhat boring product isn’t always easy. Let’s take a look at three ways that you can leverage content marketing to promote a product, service or other offering that might be seen as unexciting or commonplace to your customers.

Using Your Blog to Educate Your Potential Customers

In order to see a lot of success with content marketing you’ll need to develop a plan around how you are going to produce content, what topics you will cover and more. One easy way to get things started is to develop a blog post series educating potential customers about your product or service. For example, if you are marketing the above mentioned blender you may create a blog post series about how to create delicious smoothies, how to properly crush or shave ice to make margaritas and more.

Solve Problems and Answer Questions

A significant percentage of search engine users are looking for an answer to some sort of query – so why not help them? Regardless of how mundane your product might be, if there are owners or users out there it’s likely that at some point they have searched for answers to some usage question or for the solution to some sort of problem. Ask your employees to keep track of all of the questions that are asked by current and prospective clients so that you can turn these into fresh content for your blog or website.

Explain and Correlate Data Generated by Your Product

If you own a product or service that allows you to collect some sort of data, you can create content that analyzes this data to present interesting discoveries or correlations that you’ve found. This strategy isn’t just for blog posts – you can create infographics, white papers and case studies that highlight how you were able to capture this data using your product or service and why this is relevant to prospective new customers.

By using the steps above you can easily generate dozens of blog post topics about a product or service, no matter how unexciting it might be. If you commit to a strategy and follow through on it, you’ll find that content marketing can be a powerful driver of new business and revenue.

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