A Little Tired of Social Media? Using Hootsuite to Lighten Your Daily Social Media Workload

Social Media

Are you responsible for managing your company’s social media activity on websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+? While social media can be fun to use on your own, it can quickly begin to strain your productivity when dealing with multiple accounts and responding to a seemingly-endless stream of mentions, posts or messages. In this blog post we’ll take a quick look at Hootsuite and why you may want to leverage this powerful tool to help manage your social media workload.

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a software tool that allows users to manage numerous social media accounts across nearly a variety of different platforms all from a single webpage. After you sign up to Hootsuite and login to their system, you’ll need to add in the social media accounts that you want to manage with the tool. Hootsuite supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, WordPress, Tumblr and other major social networks. After your accounts are added and synced you’ll be able to manage each of them from your dashboard.

What You Can Do with Hootsuite

Of course, it wouldn’t be a very powerful tool if all you could do is manage your social media profiles. Hootsuite’s real power comes from its ability to post updates across all of your platforms with a single click, and its ability to schedule your posts to go out at different times.

If you’re not already using a social media management tool your workflow most likely requires that you login to each of your accounts when you want to send out an update, copying and pasting between windows while submitting. With a tool like Hootsuite you can login to your dashboard at your convenience and create a few days’ worth of updates all at once, scheduling them to go out at different times so that it looks like your account is continually active.

If your brand has a lot of activity and your customers like to engage with you via social media, you’ll also enjoy the ability to see inbound messages, mentions and hashtags inside of a single interface where they can all be quickly responded to without having to jump back and forth between apps.

While Hootsuite isn’t the only social media management tool on the market it is certainly one of the most efficient and easiest to use. The next time you’re stressing about social media, give Hootsuite a shot and see if it makes your life a bit easier. If you are looking to enhance or automate your social media efforts please fill out the following form so we can discuss with you the options that we have available through MySMARTblog’s services.

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