Looking to Spruce Up Your Blog? Here’s Why You’ll Want to Try Adding Video Content


Are you struggling for a way to breathe a bit of life in to your blog, or perhaps looking to figure out a way to drive visitor traffic from a younger demographic? It might be time to wade a bit deeper into the content marketing pool by producing video content that can be placed on your blog and promoted on social networks like YouTube and Facebook. Let’s take a quick look at why you may want to test video content to determine how your visitors respond.

Videos Can Engage Users Who Don’t Want to Read

Whether you’re the type that loves to browse through YouTube or not, it likely comes as no surprise that the number of young people that want to read blog post after blog post is dwindling. Creating video content will engage with those users or visitors who simply couldn’t be bothered to read a blog post – even if the video covers the same material that you would have written. If your video is an interview or dialogue you can have it transcribed as well, which will allow those who prefer to read to enjoy it at their leisure.

Video Content Allows You to Send a Strong Visual Message

Stand on a busy intersection in a city of any size and look around. Within your sight there’s likely someone watching video content on a smartphone or tablet. Video is the ultimate medium in which to convey a message about your business or brand as you can control the viewer’s perception and substitute your message with one they might have derived on their own. If you are an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and are blogging about your practice, would you rather have a visitor read about wisdom tooth extraction and develop their own horrified thoughts about the procedure or produce a video in which you calmly explain your approach and how they won’t feel a thing?

Videos Will Drive Social Sharing

Finally, don’t forget that videos are one of the most shared types of online media and that you can benefit greatly from the “virality” effect that comes along with a popular video. For example, if you are a real estate agent you may consider a more comedic approach with the “Five Worst Property Listings” in your city, where you show off some truly awful homes but describe them as if they were luxury mansions. You may find that one of your videos takes off, delivering tens of thousands of visitors and easily paying for itself in new business.

Producing video content that looks professional and is engaging enough that your visitors will want to watch it all the way through might seem challenging, but once you get things rolling you’ll find that your investment in video pays off in new visitor traffic and new leads or sales.

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