A Little Bit of Humor in Finance

Finance Funnies
We all have had some unusual, awkward or funny moments in life, and some of them probably happened during work hours! It is often stories like these that make for some hilarious entertainment!
Forgetting such hilarious moments in life is not that easy. So we asked a few of our clients for stories they have encountered at the closing table or day of closing that will continue to make them laugh or simply say “Why did this happen to me?”
Below is the list of the ones that we found to be the most unusual or funny things that happened:
  • The Seller died the day of closing
  • The Buyer left to go to signing and lost his job when he returned on the day of closing
  • The buyer showed up to closing drunk and was unable to proceed with the closing
  • The Seller changed their mind and refused to sell their home on the day of closing
  • House flooded on closing day
  • The Buyer never showed up to closing and was never heard from again
  • The Lender pulled the funds at the closing table and the deal did not close
  • Scheduled closing on 9/11/2001, needless to say, this closing was delayed.
  • Buyer mentioned how excited he was at the purchase of their new motorhome the day prior.
  • The seller’s home was destroyed by fire and was a complete loss
Do you have a funny mortgage or real estate story that you would like to share? Please submit your story to  and be sure to use subject line: FINANCE FUNNIES. We look forward to hearing your funny stories.

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