Earth Day — Friday, April 22

Earth Day has become one of the most widely celebrated environmental events across the globe and promotes various ideas to increase awareness among people to buy green products, and focuses on the concept of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

Earth Day events are held across the nation to increase awareness and gain a new appreciation of our planet Earth with its remarkable biodiversity. On this day various national and international activities are organized to understand the biodiversity and how should we protect our nature.

Some of the ways that you can help to promote Earth Day are:

1. Walk or ride your bike to get from place to place. The fewer cars on the road, the better off that we will be when it comes to healthier air.

2. Volunteer your time to local or national organizations like picking up trash at parks or cleaning a beach, these organizations concentrate on helping the environment.

3. Plant a tree (or Sunflower to support Ukraine and peace across the Nation). Trees are a big part of our earth, and planting one will just add to the health and wellness of the world that we live in. They help produce oxygen and filter out pollutants to clean the air.

4. Switch all of your paper bills to e-bills and online invoices. This can save millions of trees every year.

5. Put together a pledge board at work, school, or church. You can leave post it notes there so that people can write down the activities that they pledge to do for the environment. This is also a great place to post volunteer opportunities that arise throughout the year.

6. Education is the key to everything that you do for the environment. The more you know about protecting the environment, the more you will be able to use that knowledge to share it with others who may be interested in it as well.

7. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle! It just takes a few extra minutes and by finding a place to recycle, you can help work to make a difference in your local area.

8. Stop drinking bottled water! There are plenty of alternatives out there and, if you stop drinking bottled water, you can save a lot of plastic that would otherwise be filling up landfills and dumps.

9. Make your yard or garden a sanctuary for birds and other creatures. You can add a bird bath, put in a bird feeder, install a birdhouse (or two), and more. By making it comfortable for them, they will be more likely to stick around.

10. Have you updated your light bulbs recently? There are a lot of different options out there that you can choose from, and most of them are much more environmentally friendly than what we grew up with. Changing them can save you a lot of time, money, and energy.

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