How Can You Grow Your Real Estate Business During the Pandemic?

gain sales in your businessThe COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and this includes the real estate industry. Businesses of all sizes are having to transform in order to adjust to the changing circumstances of the world and this includes the real estate industry.

Earlier this year, there were guidelines that were issued to help real estate agents respond to the impact of the virus on the real estate industry as a whole. Open houses, walkthroughs, and meetings with clients have had to change.

Therefore, there are a few tips that all real estate agents should follow to make sure they can respond appropriately to this changing world. What are a few tips that you can follow?

Share Useful Content Using Social Channels

One of the most important tips that you should note involves social media marketing. You should share important information that can help your clients using social channels.

By keeping your clients and followers up to date on how the pandemic is impacting the real estate industry, you will let them know that you are still available to help them sell their homes, find a new place to live, and even refinance their homes.

In our case, we developed some ideas to help sales professionals stay active and gain credibility in their communities while maintaining top of mind awareness during the crisis.

Click HERE to download the PDF.

In addition, you don’t even have to share information specific to real estate. Share a few best practices that can help your clients stay healthy. Remind them to limit contact with others and stock up on necessary items.

By keeping in contact with your clients, you can keep your name at the forefront of their minds.

Provide Virtual Tours And Open Houses

When your clients do reach out to you for information on potential houses and condos, you can provide them with virtual tours and open houses. In the era of social distancing, open houses might be canceled; however, you can still provide a similar experience digitally.

You can use your camera and record walkthroughs, edit your videos, and post them on your social media accounts. Think about this as a FaceTime conversation with your friends and family members.

Here is an incredible example. My friend and social media superstar, Ellie Balderrama, showing off an awesome community in Puerto Penasco, Mexico using video.  She owns Vida Playa Lifestyle Realty.

Now Ellie shoots all of the videos and does the editing herself. She’s worked really hard to become a pro and you can see that in her videos.  But you can also just shoot the video on your phone and upload it to your blog.

It doesn’t have to be perfect when you’re just starting out. People like authenticity.  If you want some simple video editing done, you can get it cost-effectively on outsourcing websites like

You can leverage virtual tours to connect with prospective clients in real-time. Because so many people use the internet as their first step in finding a new home, you can provide them with an interactive experience in a comfortable manner.

Grow Your Real Estate Firm During The Pandemic

Even though COVID-19 has created a few challenges for the real estate industry, you still have the ability to adapt. By making changes now, you can ensure your success in the future.


By Mikel Erdman

Mikel Erdman is the founder of MySMARTblog and RealtyBlogContent. He is a published author and speaking authority on topics including marketing automation and how technology can positively affect company and individual sales efforts. If you like the idea of world-class content marketing in a completely automated system, Click Here for his valuable, limited time offer.