How to be a Connector, Communicator, and Community Leader During The Covid-19 Crisis

Use Your Natural Talents To Gain Credibility In Your Marketplace During The Coronavirus Crisis

Fear and uncertainty seem to be the ruling feelings and it’s just no fun.

We will get through this because we are resilient and creative people.

With that said, I feel it’s important to relay a message about your business right now too.

And that message is: Don’t take your foot off the gas.

Don’t stall out and disappear professionally from your network of clients, referral partners, friends, and family.

Even these days when we have no idea what’s going on with interest rates from day to day.

And we aren’t sure when we’ll be able to go out and show buyers homes and do listing presentations to get new inventory.

Don’t let up in your efforts to stay connected to people and offer help and support.

These trying times offer the best opportunity for you to continue to establish yourself as a leader in your community.

And people will remember that when all of this is over.

Here are 4 ways you can use your natural talent to be helpful and grow your professional credibility at the same time:

Connector – Salespeople are natural connectors. Maintaining many trusted relationships is one of the keys to success in the real estate industry. Lots of moving parts and lots of people involved create the need for high-quality communication.

Leverage your ability to connect people’s needs with the right solutions to increase your social value.

Write out resources that you are connected to and have that list of contact info ready when you need it. Think specifically about small business owners, non-profit organizations and other reputable connections you can help foster.

Then do what you do best! Keep talking with people. Reach out to your network and see how people are doing. Just touching base with people will raise their spirits and give you opportunities to be of value to them.

Coordinator – Closing loans and real estate transactions are a series of difficult decisions with an ever-changing landscape. Let’s be honest…it’s generally chaos.

Real estate agents and loan officers are drawn to the challenge of coordination through this chaotic time. The best real estate professionals thrive on solving challenges.

And many of the people in your network are struggling with real challenges right now. Pick up the phone and talk with them. Especially people who you work with closely or are influencers in your community.

Help coordinate anything they need to make their life better. They’ll remember it and make your life better in the future!

Charity – People running charitable organizations are being flooded with calls and pulled in a thousand directions. As a salesperson with the skills we’ve just discussed, you have the ability to help even if you’re stuck at home.

Call and ask how you can help with connections and coordination. Become a servant for an hour or two a day and work as hard as (or harder than) you’d even work on your own business.

There’s a magical thing that happens when you give your talents away. It’s a true win-win. But I’ll let you in on a little secret… You always get more out of it than they do. Because you feel good about yourself. You can’t help it. You’re wired that way.

And the people you meet and interact with along the way will become staunch supporters of you and your business after this all settles down.

Champion – Small business owners in your sphere of influence are being devastated by the current pandemic. Find out how you can help them and get the word out!

Post reviews on social media encouraging people to use these businesses as needed. Encourage people to order food to be delivered from local restaurants.

Let people in your sphere of influence in on who you know, like and trust doing business within your community. Your contacts will appreciate you fighting to help your local businesses and the business owners will naturally want to pay you back in the form of future referrals!

Here’s a PDF Copy You Can Share With Your Colleagues And Referral Partners!
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By Mikel Erdman

Mikel Erdman is the founder of MySMARTblog and RealtyBlogContent. He is a published author and speaking authority on topics including marketing automation and how technology can positively affect company and individual sales efforts. If you like the idea of world-class content marketing in a completely automated system, Click Here for his valuable, limited time offer.