Why It Is Important To Stay Engaged With Past Clients During Uncertain Times

Why It Is Important To Stay Engaged With Past Clients During Uncertain Times_1Once your client’s loan is closed, funded, and sold off to a servicer, how do you keep that client engaged with you? It can seem difficult to stay top of mind since so many services are on top of marketing to your customer. How do you make sure that you are the lender that they will remember for future home purchases, refinances, and referrals?


To be unforgettable you need to stay engaged and part of your clients’ lives during the course of the entire cycle of homeownership. Do not look at it as one mortgage transaction. Stay in contact with every client  and there will be no doubt about who they’ll go to for their future mortgage needs.

We have given you some simple suggestions on how to keep customers engaged with you even after their loans are sold to a servicer.

1. Friend Your Clients on Social Media

It can be a good idea to friend past clients on your personal social media pages. By using your personal page they will interact with you more than they would on any business page, and it helps you stay in touch with them in a sincere, personal way and will feel like more of a friendship than a professional relationship. If you’re not comfortable friending people with personal profiles, then be sure to invite them to like your business page.

2. Represent Yourself as an Industry Expert

Mortgage Originators should market themselves as an “expert”.  You can offer advice about refinancing, home equity, real estate investing, and more, but you have to position yourself as an expert who can help and offer them that information.

3. Organize Your Contact from Past Business

Be sure to keep your contacts organized so that you can send the correct marketing message. Building a funnel and move people through the funnels, depending on their actions. If someone reaches out to you about interest rates, you may move them into a funnel about refinancing. Your database of past clients is hands down, the easiest and least expensive way to get repeat business and referrals.

4. Get Personal

Get to know what your clients’ needs are and know how to best meet them. Since you work closely with them and their finances, you know where clients are in the progression of their lives and when it might be time to suggest a cash-out refinance or a real estate investment property.

5. Keep Your Face in Front of People

Get out in your community. You can hold client appreciation events, help out with charity events, go to networking events, but make sure you are seen in your community. Loan servicers are big, impersonal corporations, and that makes them easy to forget, even when you are being inundated with their marketing. But when you’re ever-present in the community, it is a lot harder to forget you.

6. Pick Up the Phone

This is simple! You have a chance to pick up the phone and call or send a personal text to your database anytime you want. Use it as an opportunity to connect with them and see how they’re doing and ask if there’s anything you can do to help rather than viewing it as a sales call. You might be surprised just how far that personal touch goes.

Whatever you decide to do to stay connected with past clients, just be sure that you deliver valuable content, and don’t worry too much about over-communicating. Simply let your past clients know you that you are there for them as a resource, and the new business and referrals will come.