SMILE! You May Have Untapped Super Powers!

Smiles_batmanThis Batman Photo Had Me Laughing Out Loud!

This image appeared in my LinkedIn feed, and it’s been shared many times, so you may have seen it.  I don’t know where it originated, but I laughed out loud when I saw it, and I hope you enjoyed it, too.

It says: “My boss told me to “Dress for the job you WANT, not for the job you HAVE.” Now I’m sitting in a disciplinary meeting wearing my Batman costume.”

Such a simple act, yet so impactful — a smile.  Smiling opens the door to connecting with other people, and it’s the most effective and lowest cost way to attract people to you…

…as long as you’re not giving them the “creepy weird neighbor” smile that will drive them away from you and make them wonder if you’re safe to be around!

People Can Tell When Your Smile Is Sincere

People can read a sincere smile because you “smile” with more than just your lips — your eye contact, your body orientation, your posture and many other non-verbal factors provide clues that your smile is authentic.

Think about your own interactions with others.  How do you feel and respond when you are introduced to someone who smiles at you?  Do you smile back?

The context may contribute to your interpretation of the other’s smile.

For example, if you know that you’re entering a potentially high-pressure sales environment, like buying a big ticket item, you may interpret the sales person’s smile as an act to lower your defenses, versus a true expression of their pleasure in meeting you.

A Smile Is Often Your First Step Toward Developing Rapport

To a large extent, the smile is an action that helps put others at ease and is often the very first step toward establishing rapport.

While nobody likes to be manipulated, letting others know with a sincere smile that you’re friendly opens the door for meaningful dialog and interaction.

Have you ever given or received a smile at just the right time, when the smile made all the difference in what happened next?

Scientists have long known that smiling holds tremendous power.

I never really thought of a smile as having the ability to impart super power to those who wear a smile, but this 7-1/2 minute video from Ron Gutman’s TED Talk helped me think about smiling in a whole new light!


“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”  — Leo Buscaglia

Has a simple smile led to anything great in your life or business?

Leave a comment below and let us know about it.  We’d love to hear it!

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By Mikel Erdman

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