Checking Your Form Entries in WordPress

Gravity Forms” is one of the most widely used contact form plugin for WordPress and comes included with each of our SMARTblog sites. This plugin makes it simple to create and add forms to your WordPress site in minutes. Below is an example of a “Contact Form” on one of our Demo SMARTblog sites (you may have this or a similar one on your SMARTblog site, if you have a SMARTblog membership with us).

This week, we will be showing you how to check your form entries from this plugin through your WordPress site. This is a great way to check who has contact you through the forms we create for you on your SMARTblog if you think you may not be able to receive them (or aren’t receiving them) to your email.  It’s always a good idea to check them this way just to be sure you aren’t missing out on any correspondence.




This particular form above is a basic contact form aimed at capturing a prospective client’s information with the intention of following up via phone or email. Once this form is submitted, “Gravity Forms” sends an email to the WordPress account admin notifying them that the form has been filled out with the included information from the form. However, many of us have very busy email inboxes and emails can easily get lost or sent directly to “Spam”. To avoid this issue, “Gravity Forms” has included a way to check entries directly through your WordPress account.

First, login to your WordPress site and navigate to your Dashboard. Hover over the “Forms” tab and select the “Entries” menu option.

On the “Entries” page, you will see a list of all form entries for each form installed on your site. The entries are displayed in list fashion with basic information shown.

To see the full entry, click on the first field. If you hover over the first field of the entry, you will also see the options “View”, “Mark Read”, “Spam”, and “Trash”. The expanded entry will display all fields included in the form and will look like this:

So remember, if you are ever in doubt that your form entries are not being delivered to your email properly, check the entries from within WordPress!

To learn more about installing “Gravity Forms” and creating forms on your WordPress site, check out the Developer Website.