8 Useful Websites to Increase Productivity

Let’s face it, we’re all constantly looking for that next new tool that’s going to help us be more productive in some aspect of our lives. Here is a list we have put together for you of what we think are some of the most useful websites that you’ve (hopefully) never heard of.

1. keybr.com (Link) Wish you could type faster? Almost everyone these days accesses a computer daily, either for work or personal use. Keybr.com is an easy way to practice typing by feel, not by looking at the keyboard as you type. As it takes you through all the keyboard’s key sets, you will be shown your speed, any errors, as well as your strongest keys from one set to the next. You are also able to view your profile for more comprehensive statistics such as wpm (words per minute) and multiple charts and graphs of your progress.

2. scribblemaps.com (Link) This site allows you to draw, add text, highlight, draw flight plans, and much more on a map of anywhere in the world. Perfect for mapping out roadtrips or highlighting an event area. Once you have drawn on a map you have the option to save it in different formats, share via email or Facebook, and even to view on Google Maps.

3. sleepti.me (Link) This is a very simple site but something that many people struggle with, how much sleep they should be getting at night. You have two options on this site, you can enter the time you need to wake up by or you can enter a time you would like to go to bed. Both options will give you a a few different time options depending on when the average person is between sleep cycles. Again, it’s a simple idea but worth a try if it can help you wake up feeling alert and refreshed!

4. manualslib.com (Link) With all the electronic devices in our homes and workplaces these days, who can keep track of all the user manuals? If you have misplaced a manual or never had one to begin with, this site probably has an electronic version. If you are someone who can’t stand having a drawer or shelf in your house dedicated to user manuals, check if they are on manualslib.com then get rid of them!

5. niice.co (Link) For those creative types who are looking for some inspiration, simply type in a subject (such as owls) and start scrolling. Niice.co is basically a search engine with design based images, but also includes photography and artwork as well. A very useful tool when brainstorming that next big project.

6. 10minutemail.com (Link)
For all those times you wanted to sign up for a free trial of a specific service (like Hulu Plus) but didn’t want to add to your already enormous collection of daily junk emails. 10minutemail is a disposable email address, just head to the site, copy the address given, use it to sign up for whatever you may need it for, and in 10 minutes it self destructs!

7. Mail Box Locator (Link)
Simply enter a 5-digit area code and you will be shown a list of mailboxes and USPS locations complete with addresses and descriptions. Don’t waste time driving miles for a mailbox when there could be one closer than you think!

8. Screenr.com (Link)
Having a hard time explaining something over the phone or via email? Screenr allows you to create screencasts instantly, just hit record to start and when you are finished, simply share the link! Nothing to install or download.