How To Create A Real Estate Listing Frenzy With Facebook Marketing

I’m listening to a presentation by my good friends Ryan Hartman and Josh Schoenly about marketing for listings in your real estate business and thought I’d take down some notes and share them with you here on our blog.

What if you never had to worry about where your next client or deal would come from?

What if you could build a predictable real estate business that grows consistently and gives you local celebrity as the expert authority in your local real estate market?

There is a simple answer to get both of these to happen…. SYSTEMS!

“Systems don’t fail, people do.”

So what separates agents who are struggling vs. agents who have awesome systems in place making lots of money and have lots of time to do the things they love?

Struggling Agents complain about the current real estate market and find reasons that they can’t do business effectively.

Struggling Agents Have These Attitudes.... Successful agents talk about how many leads they have coming in and how they can “scale up” their business to handle all of the incoming volume. Successful Agents Have This Attitude!

3 Systems To Generate All Of The Leads You’ll Ever Want… For FREE

Buyer Leads and Conversion System

1. You need a Lead Magnet to attract potential buyers to be interested enough to engage with you.  These lead magnets need to be interesting to your very targeted audience.

2. You need to have a Landing Page to direct your leads to from your advertising which gives them the ability to “opt-in” to your email marketing system to continue to do business with them.

3. After the Landing/Opt-In Page, you need to direct them to a Thank You Page.  These thank you pages give you an opportunity to build rapport with your new prospect.

4. Once they’ve opted in, you need an Automated Follow Up Sequence which sends out emails to educate the prospect on their topic of interest as well as build rapport and expert authority in their mind.

5. Now you need to send a Weekly Broadcast Email in order to stay in contact with your list.  One great idea is to send out a weekly “great deal” on a local property.  Go out every week and find a property that you think is an awesome deal and tell them why in the email.  Give them ways to request more information from you in the email as well.

Real Estate Seller Leads and Conversion System

Same steps as the Buyer Leads and Conversion System above, but add these:

Scripted Sift and Sort Emails – Ask questions that get you into interaction with the new seller prospect.  Just try to get into a conversation with the potential seller.  It’s best to send these out manually since you want to tailor the questions a little more per person.

Monthly Broadcast Email – Change from weekly email to monthly since sellers likely have a bit longer timeline.  Use testimonials from recent clients for social proof on how you have helped people like them become successful sellers.

I Need Business NOW System

1. You need a Feature Worthy Property – Can’t be fake, you need a real reason. (ie. recent price drop, just came on market and won’t last long, etc.)

2. You’re going to need your Cell Phone in order to field the calls, texts and emails from the ad

3. You need to create a Strategic Photo Album Post on your Facebook Fan Page.  Here’s where

4. Boost or Super Targeted News Feed Ad – You need to push your post using advertising to get maximum exposure.  A little money ($5-10) can get major exposure. 5. Let the calls and texts come rolling in!

Having The Right Mindset In Your Real Estate Business

If you Focus on the Process results will come.  You can only control taking action doing the right things consistently and if you do execute the actions, then the results will follow. Don’t let desperation get in the way of getting maximum return on your marketing systems and your time investment.


Facebook Marketing Tips

Three types of ads on Facebook:

  1. Newsfeed Ads
  2. Sidebar Ads
  3. Mobile Ads

Newsfeed Ads When your ad is in the newsfeed, you have the undivided attention of the person who the ad is served to. This is the most powerful type of ad Facebook offers.

Learn the power of “Retargeting Ads” When someone visits your website or opens an email from you, you can then make sure that they see your ads “follow” them on sites that serve retargeted ads.  This is why you start seeing ads for the sites you’ve visited when you go to different sites on the internet.

Targeting your audience through Facebook Ads You can pick the type of person who will see your ads with very fine control.  You can use many different targeting tools like age, gender, job title, income range, home ownership status, and more.  You can even target your audience by the movies and tv shows they like or organizations and businesses that they are affiliated with and emotionally attached to.

How To Get Listings From Millionaires Your effort to list and sell a $100k home and $400k homes are exactly the same.  Your commissions on the two properties are dramatically different. Why wouldn’t you want to focus on those higher price points if it was possible to do it?

2014-09-04_1043   As you can see in the graphic, you can specifically target your ad audience by income range or net worth.

Hope this information helps you grow your real estate business and start generating buyer and seller leads right away.

The power of advertising on Facebook is phenomenal and I’d highly recommend that you get started using this technique in your business immediately.

If you’d like to learn more about marketing your real estate business, join me in my upcoming FREE Webinar Training!


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