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Video Review by Raymond Smith with Resco Realty
Video Review by Ryan
“This has been a lifesaver for me, this has been very, very useful. It keeps the site dynamic, constantly updating; the content is very good […] the other useful thing is that we’re using this content in a lot of our followup sequences.”
“For $97/month this has been well, well worth it; we get a lot of positive feedback on the content itself and it makes my job easier as the marketing department here.”
— Ryan

I have recently changed my career path and took a huge risk to start in something I’ve never done before. I wondered how I would manage all the eccentricities of trying to build my business in a completely new field. I met with Mikel and Dan and they not only explained things in a way that made sense they walked me through the whole process and made relevancy in the space something that I no longer have to think about. Oh, and let’s not forget Liz… this place doesn’t go without her! Thanks!

— James W.

MySMARTblog helped me create an on-line presence helping me to gather over 75 Five Star Zillow Ratings. The blog integrated easily with my Word Press designed web site so posting articles was an under 5 minute process. I heartily suggest veterans and new agents take a close look at this service. It’s well worth the subscription price.

— John K.

I have worked with Mikel and he is extremely knowledgeable about what works regarding social media and attracting new business. I highly recommend him – he has a one stop shop!!

— Kathleen B.

What an awesome way to stay top of mind with your potential customers and current buyers. I love this hands off approach!

— Tracie R.

Before blogging was a “thing”, I spent hours throughout the week writing content to my Blog. Then I was introduced to and my Social Media accounts took off with “likes”, past client contacts that my CRM missed. The consistent postings to my accounts gave me more hours to devote to current clients, Realtor prospecting and building my business. They are always willing to go the extra mile when I want to find ways to increase my SEO. is the best of the best!

— Coleen T.


Michael Mandis“I’ve done my research, and MySMARTblog is an affordable tool that every serious mortgage professional should consider adding to their marketing platform. The blog content is timely, relevant and meaningful. The site design is well done and very customizable, and I’ve found the support team to very responsive and eager to help. Their auto post feature to my social sites is a huge time saver. These guys care about your business, your input and your success.”

— Mike M.


“I just wanted to say thank you very much. Your service is awesome! It’s always filled with good content; useful information for the end user and consumer. It alleviates so much pressure on me to take the time out of my busy and hectic day to have to write something. I don’t have to do it. It’s done for me. Support’s great, It’s a home run! I’m getting more and more leads every day. My brand is getting out there in front of people and I’m getting more recognized every day. It just seems to be gaining a whole bunch of traction in a very short amount of time. Thanks again for everything!”

— Tony D.


Christina Livingston“Within 2 weeks my competitors were calling me to find out what I was doing, my referral partners were calling me to set up meetings, my past clients started noticing me, my sphere of influence was calling and I literally had 6 brand new, pre-qualified buyers from my social media marketing system.”



— Christina Livingston

Christina Got 6 New Pre-Qualified Buyers In 2 Weeks Using Her SMARTblog Marketing System Here’s what she said — (Click to Listen!)



Schaun Blakeslee“FYI. Your team ROCKS!! So nice having people on staff that not only care, but do such a great job!! Hats off to you guys. We, Schaun and I, appreciate you both!!”

— Randy & Schaun Blakeslee


Michael Addison“MySMARTblog has been the best technology investment I’ve made in years! It’s like having a full-time marketing assistant on my team. You guys are great!”

— Michael Addison


John Welch Hawaii Real Estate“Hi Mikel, Real estate biz has been crazy good and I attribute a significant portion of that to MySMARTblog. I get a lot of calls to chat about the market and the other topics that are posted in my blog. It is the perfect opportunity to talk about real estate needs and in the last two months I have put over $4m in escrow and have a steady stream of buyers and sellers……!!! Right now Hawaii is nice! Daytime temps around 85 and night time temps around 70. This time of year is actually considered our rainy season but not to much rain lately. The trade winds have been kickin’ but not to bad. Tourist numbers are back to the pre-meltdown highs so everyone is working and making money if they are go-getters. Thank you for everything Mikel, I hope you build your company into a mega gazillion dollar empire. You’re a hard worker so I know you’ll get there!”

— Take care, Aloha, John


This audio testimonial is an excerpt from one of our SMARTblog Superstar’s Interview Series. Paul Sager, one of the top real estate agents in the world, explains how the SMARTblog is an integral part of his marketing systems.

Click Here to Play:

Transcript: “So, I was doing a presentation for a group of realtors and the topic was “Shifting Your Mind In A Challenging Market.” I do that presentation a lot across the Midwest, and one of the participants in the group knew about me and wanted to come hear me speak, so she was there and she happened to be a rep for SMARTblog, um, Becky is her name, which she is a doll. So, during the presentation she got it. She had the “Aha!” moment like, “This is exactly why I am doing what I am doing with SMARTblog.” Paul Sager - Re/Max Results - St Louis, MOSo, as the meeting was over and we were all, you know, leaving and everything, she approached me and, um, we agreed to have drinks that night after the presentation. So, she kind of gave me the 411 on SMARTblog and how funny, in my list of things that I want to accomplish just for my business, blogging has been one of them. I had gotten a WordPress blog (domain) name, in fact, I got two of them because of one of the names in there that does anything with it because I just, time was very valuable to me, and I don’t have a lot of it, and so with that mantra of, “working smarter and not harder,” SMARTblog fit exactly into that piece for me because then I could farm it out and get the content that I expect for my name to be on it which was high quality content, the look was great, and then working with Jesse there creating my blogs because I needed to look and match all my client materials. They took on all my suggestions even though it was probably, um, he didn’t want too many emails anymore, but I wanted to make it very specific to me in St. Louis. With doing that, tying into social media buttons of the Twitter and the Facebook and the LinkedIn and the YouTube, it has been absolutely perfect for me because it posts every day. It elicits comments on Facebook from the posts which then get me engaged with my fan base, if you will, or clients, and I never have to do anything with it.”

— Paul S


Galen Call Testimonial for“My website used to be a lifeless postage stamp. I went looking for a combination website/blog platform which would separate me from the competition and I found it in MySMARTblog. When I spoke with Mikel Erdman and presented my niche in reverse mortgage origination, he accepted the challenge and created a unique solution featuring this specialty just the way I needed it. I know I can reach clients and referrals in ways to benefit their need for additional education and information. Moreover, I am finally reaching out with syndicated and personal blogs to social media sites. The ability to do this is paramount because yesterday it felt time consuming and cumbersome. Today I get positive feedback and a new level of communication from colleagues and clients. My business is driven primarily by referral. Now I have a web machine working to stay in touch virtually when I sleep, keeping a finger on the ever changing dynamics of internet marketing.”

— Galen C., Reverse Mortgage Specialist


“Your services gave me a presence on the internet that I never had before. I had some very unique requests and you were able to cater to all of my needs. I highly recommend your services.”

— Mike G.


“Liz is always great about getting back to me in a timely manner and answers my questions to the best of her ability. I appreciate all her hard work!”

— Joy W.


“Shaun and Liz were simply (and are still) excellent, knowledgeable, and very responsive on any and all questions I had. Great to work with.”

— Jeff R.


“You are fast, efficient and very talented, Thank you for such a good job.”

— Ed M.


“The support was great, Alex was knowledgeable and easy to work with, good suggestions.”

— Kevin T.


“Alex made everything clear and understandable. Very helpful!”

“Liz is awesome!! She responded so quickly that my head spun. She is so helpful and attentive. Give her a big bonus!!”

— James S.


“I contacted MySMARTblog to help me complete a project I had started & stopped and put off for many years…getting a consistent image across all of my social media sites, which they accomplished quickly and to perfection. The results are better than I thought possible, within days I had a consistent image across all platforms. Their “million dollar image” service more than lives up to its name. Additionally, the support has been tremendous in setting up the blog site. Being not all that much of a tech myself, they took control, handled all the tech stuff for me and delivered exactly what I requested, and did so very quickly. The options to customize & add on features to the site really make a difference, so my site does not look like a “template” that has been pre-populated. It really is my site, and the best part is that the content provided is spot on accurate & timely, and it is all hands off, they not only provide the content but also push the content to all social media on my behalf.”

— Patrick Q.


“I wanted to take a moment to advise you how much I like your company and the service you offer. I also wanted to advise you that Liz is so amazing and is helping me so much. She has done so much and has made my site look AMAZING!!!! I so appreciate your company and LIZ…. please give her a raise… she deserves it!!!”

— John T.


“MySMARTblog has been the perfect tool for me to keep my customers and referral partners informed on a daily basis. The content is top notch and the automation makes distribution a breeze. MySMARTblog is a great choice for all of your web content and social media needs.”

— Robby O.


“MySMARTblog is the ‘Mercedes’ of all mortgage blogs! Not only did they customize my blog for me, it was easy and completed in just a few days. Mikel and the whole MySMARTblog team are absolutely awesome to work with!”

— Karen Deis, Publisher of Mortgage Currentcy, Speaker/Author


“Hi Mikel. Just wanted to drop you a line about the terrific customer support Liz has given me since I signed up. She promptly answers all emails, she went the extra mile and customized a graphic for me and she has helped me make sure that all my social media accounts are set correctly. I feel like she is there for anything that could come up. There are other companies that do email support like your firm but in my experience, none of them have been as responsive, polite and professional as Liz. She is a great asset to your firm and I couldn’t think of a better way of thanking her for everything she has done and continues to do for me except by emailing you. Thanks for your time.”

— Bob S., Designated Broker


“Thank you for the rockin support and patience I have received from Jesse. I could not be any happier with the way I have been treated. My web site is looking friggin awesome!!! I will tell everyone I know about you guys and I know a lot of people!”

And then a couple weeks later…..

“I wanted to email and tell you how wonderful I felt the entire experience of doing business with you and your company has been. Jesse, you absolutely rock!!!For a very reasonable price you built me a great web site! You have saved me many hours of frustration trying to do it myself. The site looks great and the hosting is outstanding. I have and will continue to refer friends and co-workers to you. I am a dummy when it comes to anything internet and it never mattered Jesse, you got me through it all and I am thrilled. I interviewed several companies before choosing to go with yours. Their customer service and patience was lacking to say the least. (Patience was a big deal for me) Not to mention that some of them told me it would take six weeks or more to complete my site and get it up and running. You had my site not at 100% but up and running within 48 hours of me saying lets move forward and paying my bill then the entire project complete to my specifications within a week. All I can say about that is WOW and THANK YOU!

— Shelly J, Highland, TX