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Can’t Copywrite: 4 Creative Ways to Solve Your Writer’s Block

, Can’t Copywrite: 4 Creative Ways to Solve Your Writer’s Block, MySMARTblog, MySMARTblogWriting effective content marketing material, whether it’s an email to a tastemaker, a blog post or the beginning of a new digital marketing campaign, is not always easy.

Sometimes the words coming flowing through with ease, but sometimes it’s infuriatingly hard to get a solid idea on what the content of the material should be. Writer’s block is common, but it’s beatable.

Preparation Can Make A World Of Difference

In many cases when copywriting is concerned, writer’s block can arise out of a situation where a writer is tackling a topic that is unknown to them. This can be a writer on assignment for an unfamiliar subject or a business blogger trying to draft up a post about something trending that does not relate to them.

In these cases, the proper amount of research can make all the difference between knowing what to write about and trying to fake through the assignment. Having some familiarity with a topic makes it easier to find the words when writing.

Force Out Some Pages To Feel The Rhythm

Sometimes the only way to get through a bout of writer’s block is by sheer force of will. Sit down in front of a document and write without stopping. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, just getting into the flow of writing and going through the process can be enough to get into the right frame of mind.

Don’t Be Too Strict With Editing

A common mistake, and one that can take up a lot of time and throttle the creative process, is being too liberal with editing. Constant editing while working can grind the flow of writing to a complete halt. To combat this, get into the habit of writing complete chunks of work before going back and editing with a fresh eye. This can cut down the time it takes to write material and the infrequent breaks in workflow will make it easier to overcome writer’s block.

Take A Break To Clear Your Head

Stressing about writer’s block will only make it worse. Find a way to calm down and relax for ten minutes while still thinking about what to write. A quick walk, some exercise, running overdue errands or taking a long bath are all ways writers de-stress so they can keep their heads clear and focused on the task at hand.

Every writer is different and will need a unique tactic to overcome writer’s block. The most important thing is to keep writing and keep trying new ways to break through and get the creativity back.