Will Social Media Really Help Increase My Business?

Social media is a great marketing tool that loan officers and real estate agents can use to promote their business or company and it is an engaging way to connect with customers and business partners to help generate new leads. Social media can help effectively market your business and increase sales when it is used correctly.

National Association of REALTORS® stated that 77% of real estate agents were “highly active” on social media in 2021 while the Mortgage Bankers Association conference presented information showing that only 20–30% of loan officers are considered “highly active” on social media. Social media can help you find a new audience, in the right area, looking for what you specifically do and at the right time. So, it is wise for companies to leverage these platforms to reach new prospects.

Maintaining an active presence on social media is all but critical in today’s digital era, especially for businesses that thrive on building and sustaining relationships. You can ask any marketer and they will tell you how critical social media is when connecting and engaging with potential customers. The mortgage and real estate industry should be no different, especially when you are looking to build your brand, create value and engage borrowers and homeowners.

social media silhouettesIt is important to understand the difference between a professional social media page to promote a brand and/or company and using it for personal reasons to connect with family and friends. It is not complicated to create a professional presence.

Below are some key practices loan officers and real estate agents should consider when developing a productive, manageable social media presence. What are your objectives? Do you have a strategy in place? Like any strategy, consistency is the key to success. Once you have clear objectives, determining your content should come easily.

1. How often will you post?

2. How much time can you dedicate per week?

3. What type of content will you post?
a. Will you showcase your expertise? You can’t go wrong with educating the consumer.
b. Share your knowledge? Home-buying tips?
c. Share reviews?
d. Customer success stories?
e. Engaging posts asking for feedback?

4. What tools and resources are at your disposal that set you apart from the competition?

Regardless of the type of content you share, your messaging should be centered on creating significant connections. Remember that you are online to build a network established with trust and credibility! Using a combination of original and sourced content follow with a friendly message can eventually help you drive more business and reach your company goals.

It is important to remember that social media is still considered company advertising, so be sure to check your company’s social media policy to understand any guidelines your leadership has specified. (It is a federal recommendation that companies maintain social media policies that address compliance demands and support healthy online reputations).