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There’s nothing quite like receiving a referral or a strong recommendation from a client.

It’s one of the best ways to meet new customers and if you have a customer base that actively recommends and brings you referral customers, that’s an incredibly valuable thing.

However while it’s easier than you’d think, many people continue to think that it’s simply not¬†achievable.

Building A Referral Based Business Is All About Trust

The truth however is that building any referral based business is all about trust. You’re ultimate goal if you want to succeed in referral based real estate is to show your customers that you’re not just a good real estate agent, but you’re the best.

Indeed, you need to earn their trust but most importantly, you need to build a strong rapport with all your clients so that they’re not just willing to recommend you, they’re proud to.

Real Estate Referral Leads Are The Highest Quality Leads You Can Get

Referral based leads are surefire winners and it’s been estimated that 60% will actually convert.

The problem is there’s a balance between building a business that appreciates referrals, and building one that depends upon them.

Indeed, there is a fine balance which many companies misinterpret which often results in being seen as an annoyance by your customer.

Networking Events Are A Good Place To Start

Initially, building links and relationships for younger companies can be difficult. As a result, one of the most effective ways is business networking. It’s loathed by many, but sadly one of the best ways to become known in the local business community.

It’s also a great way to start building a professional network. It lets you mingle with professionals from all occupations and it can teach you many valuable skills.

Become The Referral Hub Of Your Personal Network

While it may take time to build strong relationships, if you work hard at business networking before long, you may find that you’re the one that starts to host the dinner clubs, breakfast meetings and brunches.

When you can be the ‘hub’ of business networking, people will bend over backwards to help you.

Your Clients Are The Best Resource To Tell Why Others Will Want To Use And Refer You

However, while it’s important to think about the local business community as a source of referrals, your clients are the ones that can vouch for your skills, professionalism and expertise. Once again, the emphasis is on quality business practices which make people proud to deal with you.

While it’s OK to ask for referrals it’s not OK to demand them. Judge your customers carefully, and don’t over-step your boundaries.

Building Referrals Starts At The First Meeting

Getting proactive about building referrals is essential in actually building them! The golden rule here is that, it always starts with the first meeting.

Whether the customer is completely new to the business, a referral or simply an interested party, you have to build the fact that you’re willing to work with their friends, family and colleagues too. Sell them on the idea that your business is exclusive, you’re an expert and that you’re also able to help them with just about any real estate problem they may have.

After all, if the customer can think of you as a friend, they’ll be more likely to helping you out and ‘doing you a favor.’

Use Referral Marketing Tools To Create And Maintain Top Of Mind Awareness

To get your customers thinking about you often, the most important thing you can do is to keep in touch.

Newsletters, e-mails and tokens of appreciation are all great ways to market yourself and increase the chances of generating referrals but ultimately however, the best referral based real-estate businesses are the ones which everyone can be proud of.

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