Building Relationships to Get Referrals with Consistency

Here’s a quick marketing tip from one of my friends at In Touch Today (   This company does an excellent job with marketing material development and provides easy, automated systems to allow sales professionals to excel with relationships and referral based business.

Gwen Buehler is their marketing manager and she’s a smart, professional woman and offers a lot to real estate agents and mortgage professionals in their relationship and referral marketing efforts. They focus in the real estate and mortgage lending arenas, but they have developed great tools for other sales professions like insurance and financial planning.

Referrals and word of mouth marketing have always been the lifeblood of any serious executive level sales professional.  I’d recommend giving this company a look!

“I wanted to share a quick marketing tip with you. I have been speaking to many professionals nationwide during the past few weeks. Here is a snip it of the conversation I had with a prospective client on Monday of this week as we talked about marketing to his past clients.

Client : “I sent a Refinance Postcard to my clients last October and I only got 2 calls from it and no deals. I don’t think marketing to my past clients is working.”

Me : “Do you contact them regularly with other marketing products, like Home Tips Postcards, or a Newsletter?”

Client : “No, I just sent them the Refinance Postcard that one time.”

Me : “Well in that case, you should be pretty happy that you got those 2 calls!”

Quick Marketing Tip!

Don’t expect your clients to give you a sale when that is the only time you contact them. Increase the chances they will give you a sale or referral by sustaining (or re-developing) a relationship with them. Send them things they will enjoy receiving often like Recipe Postcards, Newsletters, and even the occasional Greeting Card!

Think about it – wouldn’t YOU be offended if the only time you heard from your friend is when they wanted something from you? Same concept here.”

You can also check out one of our marketing products, The Ultimate Home Journal (  This referral and relationship marketing tool is great because your customers keep it around for a long time.  It is also specific to their home, which is many times their most important asset.  People love receiving gifts and often respond by giving something back in return….like a referral!