Ratings, Reviews, and Testimonials Will Get You More Leads, Referrals and Closings!

Nielsen Study Shows Online Reviews Extremely Important To Consumers
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Consumers love to hear feedback from other consumers. In fact, one survey showed that 85% of consumers put as much trust in online reviews as they do personal recommendations.

Ratings, reviews, and testimonials can be a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. They can also help customers make informed buying decisions.

Knowing how to best use them can benefit your customers as well as your business by instilling customer loyalty and attracting leads. Here’s how to make that happen.

Use strong visual content.

Video is hot right now and it is one of the best ways to reach prospective customers. Identify several customers who are very enthusiastic about your brand and film a testimonial video.

This will not only provide the testimonial, but it will bring it to life with real people talking to real people.

The good news is, you don’t need any fancy, expensive equipment to make a decent video. However, if you want to hire a production company, that can work well too.

Post your video on your website, your YouTube channel, and share on social media. Make sure you answer comments that viewers make on the videos.

Engagement is key to drawing in customers. They need to know that you are listening.

Make sure your testimonials and reviews are focused and solid.

Vague reviews are not likely to attract much attention and certainly not leads, but when they are focused and specific, they have real impact.

You may need to sit down with the reviewer to discuss what they will say. Guide them to creating a review that is specific and does not ramble or is full of fluff.

You want it to have substance, something that prospective customers can look at, relate to, and truly believe that they could have the same experience.

Make sure that your testimonials and reviews can be traced back to a real person.

Even the best testimonials and reviews can lack authenticity if they cannot be verified. When they can be traced back to an actual person, that gives them much more credibility.

It isn’t that many, if anyone, will reach out to the reviewers, but there is something comforting about knowing they could if they wanted to. It helps to build trust and strengthens your brand.

When people see that you are willing to put yourself out there with real testimonials and reviews by real people, it builds trust.

Post your testimonials and reviews at several points.

Don’t keep your content confined to one area. Post them in several places to gain better coverage. For instance, you may have a testimonial past on your website.

That is great, but also post them on your social media, on your blog, or other areas. You want to give those testimonials and reviews the best chance of getting in front of as many people as possible – preferably relevant people.

You also want to include a link in your newsletter and email signature. Get creative and get those testimonials in front of the people who need to see them.

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By Mikel Erdman

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