Power Up Your Networking Tornado Style!

Business Networking Tips
Watch this great video on business networking!

I took the opportunity to attend a full day workshop with the team at Sixth Division in Gilbert, Arizona today.


They shared some really focused and powerful strategies on how you can improve your business to make more money faster and easier while having fun.

Here’s a great takeaway shared at the Sixth Division Marketing Bootcamp.

This is a great way to help people understand what you do and how they can help you!

Watch this short video:


More on the Tornado Technique:

The Tornado Technique is the basis for everything: Realize most¬†people don’t care about what you do,
or don’t understand it.

1- What is the emotional value of what you do?
(what are your benefits, how do you help)
2- What is the industry, genre, or type of customer?
3- Names of companies you are trying to meet- Be Specific!
4- Ask for the person who are you trying to get to- be specific in terms of title.
5- Research and find the name of EXACTLY who you want to meet.
Be Specific and don’t be shy.

Example: My WetRock, Inc.

1- We’ve have an environmental focused company that helps consumers save water, plastic, power, and money.

We’ve created an employee engagement program where big companies buy the product from us and give it away to employees as a way to promote their environmental initiatives.

2- We’re dealing with companies from all industries like automotive, retail, hotels, etc.

3- Some companies were in discussion with are Starbucks, McDonalds, Shell, UPS, Dell, CGI (Clinton Global Initiative) and others.

4-Within those organizations, we deal with the Sustainability Director CSR (corporate social responsibility) or other Senior Executives.

5- Directly I’d like to meet Mike Duke, Vinod Khosla, Jeff Skull, Michael Eisner and people like that.

So, hope this helps you transform and reposition your company.

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By Mikel Erdman

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